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[Remote,Paid,] Lead game developer

Discussion in 'Commercial: Job Offering' started by Axtonwoops, Nov 1, 2021.

  1. Axtonwoops


    Nov 1, 2021
    We are looking for an experienced Lead Game Developer/Programmer to help develop a Third Person Shooter Battle Royale with a unique innovative twist on the standard formula. Our ideal candidate is well-versed in implementation of full game systems. We value raw talent over hyper specialization, and encourage breadth of expertise particularly in early development stages. An interest in both PC and Mobile platforms is ideal.

    - 2+ years experience as a Game Developer (can be hobbyist, indie, or AAA)
    - Experience with Unity
    - Experience with Web 2.0 is a plus but not necessary
    - Experience through 1-2 full development cycles is a plus but not necessary (can be hobbyist, indie, or AAA)
    - Strong analytical, debugging and optimization skills
    - Able to work independently initially, with an a view to eventually leading a team
    - Strong communication and collaboration with other team members
    - Support and grow your teammates through knowledge-sharing, training, and technical documentation
    - Identify risks involved with the development of games and provide solutions to resolve complex problems
    - Provide estimate time to complete programming task/objectives and be committed to meet them
    - Flexibility and ability to adapt new technical changes as per project need

    WHY US:
    We believe in allowing talented people to express their own creative freedom.

    We are building a revolutionary gaming product in an exciting and rapidly evolving ecosystem in the crypto/blockchain industry. Blockchain will soon dominate the technology, financial, commercial and gaming industries and we are positioned at the forefront of this revolution.

    We are backed by the largest crypto native VCs (you will be well paid), and will be building a strong core team to lead our development. As an early hire in a key position, you will be expected to lead, innovate and problem solve as we build a supporting team around you down the line. We are seeking motivated individuals who seek growth and excitement, and be a integral part of new revolutionary industry.

    CONTACT: If you're interested in applying, send your CV over to