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Official Remote Config versioning available from the dashboard

Discussion in 'Unity Remote Config' started by StevenStip-Unity, Nov 4, 2022.

  1. StevenStip-Unity


    Unity Technologies

    Apr 7, 2021
    Exciting news from the Remote Config development team! We released Remote Config versioning from the dashboard.

    What is versioning?
    Whenever you publish new changes to Remote Config for your game we will create a new version. This version is timestamped to the moment of publishing and you can find this version within the dashboard. A bit like a time machine!

    Why is this useful?
    When you make changes you might make a mistake and want to go back to a previous version, you might also want to know what the live configuration was at a time in the past.
    This allows you to easily and safely update Remote Config keys.

    Do I need to do anything?
    No, just know that you can use the Remote Config dashboard to view and restore older versions of your configuration if that is something you need. There is no need to make any changes in order to use the feature.

    Is this compatible with Config as Code?
    Config as Code allows you to create and edit your configuration in a file, this file can then be checked in with source control and therefore be easily versioned. What this however does not record is what is live at a given time, this is where the versioning feature can help.

    In short, Config as Code and Versioning complement each other.

    How do I see an older version and compare it to the current version?
    You can browse versions easily from within the dashboard by using the version selector. You can see the content but not edit. What you can do is restore an older config version to draft and then see a diff between the current live version and the older version. This allows you to make changes before publishing the older version as a new version.
    Remote Config versioning.gif
    We’d love to hear what you think of this feature and if there is anything we could improve.
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