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Official Remote-Config Authoring tool from the Editor - Officially Released!

Discussion in 'Unity Remote Config' started by JGasimov, Apr 11, 2023.

  1. JGasimov


    Unity Technologies

    Feb 24, 2022

    Welcome to the Remote-Config Authoring tool from the Editor discussion thread. You can use this thread to ask for help, share feedback and have discussions about the com.unity.remote-config@3.2.2 package and the new feature enabled by the


    Introducing a new feature to Remote-Config to author it more easily! We are happy to bring all of the workflows you use on the Unity Dashboard to the Unity Editor!

    With Remote-Config Authoring you do not have to leave the Unity Editor more than you need to, it allows you to:
    • Author and modify the Remote Config files in the Editor.
    • Use the source control of your choice as a source of truth.
    • Deploy your assets from the Editor manually or by simply entering Play Mode!
    • Increment faster!
    To get started please follow Remote Config Authoring documentation.

    Note: This feature is also available for Cloud Code.

    • This feature is only available Unity Editor 2021.3+
    • To use this feature you need to get the package and the com.unity.remote-config@3.2.2.


    At Unity, we put the Users First so your feedback is extremely valuable to us. Please share your feedback in this thread so that we can continue improving our tools for you!

    How to report bugs

    Ideally we'd like any bugs reported through the built in bug reporter tool, as that will automatically provide us with some relevant context.

    Once you have submitted a bug report through the bug reporter, please feel free to start a discussion about it in this thread.

    Thank you for your interest, we're looking forward to your feedback!
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  2. simont_tlg


    Jun 18, 2021
    Hi, thanks for the great tools, it's a nice step forward ! I got one suggestion and one question.

    1) Suggestion : The remote config window is a great and intuitive tool for building complex object. But there's no equivalent for a RemoteConfig asset : using the Deployment window to push your config and using the Remote Config window to pull the updated config will let you work on a copy of the asset. Which I think is fine for iteration purpose. However the Remote Config asset needs to be modify through the raw JSON. I'm a veteran online programmer so my brain is wired with JSON syntax. But if I'd like designers to iterate on their remote configuration it's a bit cumbersome.

    My suggestion is the following : since you already have the tech for the UI part of showing and modifying a JSON object. Would you be able to integrate it in the Inspector Window of an RemoteConfig asset (.rc) so they could modify it through the inspector rather than through plain text ?

    2) My question : I've just start working on Remote Config and it seems like before the deployment package and remote config asset the file RemoteConfigDataStoreAstoreAsset.asset was a bit more relevant but now that the "real" source of truth is the Remote Config .rc asset. I was wondering if that the RemoteConfigDataStoreAstoreAsset.asset should be ignored from the repository or if it is still relevant to keep it up to date in the repository ?

    Thank you very much.
  3. GabKBelmonte


    Unity Technologies

    Dec 14, 2021
    Hey Simon!

    We're looking at your question and will get back to you with more details.
    For your first question, I can't really answer in terms of timeline or priorities at this time, but the team is discussing it. I'm also not familiar with how the old RC window tech is written, but I know its old, so there may be additional challenges.

    Part of the point of the new tooling is to standardize working with environments across UGS products (which is why CC is supported), and so that you can automate the same workflows with the UGS CLI (linked here).

    For your second question, I would say it really depends on your workflow.
    There may be users who exclusively use the old RC window and dont care for the new tooling, but there's also users who have expressed that the .asset cannot be diffed and they would prefer if it was more like the JSON you propose.

    There's also the fact that some workflows there will be dashboard-only users that will update RC in the dashboard.
    For that workflow, we provide "ugs fetch" (the opposite of a deploy), which will update your local Remote config, CloudCode and Leaderboard files from the dashboard back to source control. So workflows may vary..

    It sounds to me like an alternative while we have a better .rc UI could be that you indeed ignore the .assets file. Your designers could continue to use the old UI and you could have "ugs fetch" to bring back their changes into a diffable/auditable json file. There's other alternatives, but we'll be talking to the team about the edition.

    Additionally, we have not made available yet "fetch" in the editor, as we don't have much feedback requesting it, but that could change.

    As always, we're here listening to feedback and could try and help further with more details!

    Last edited: Aug 14, 2023