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[RELEASED] XML Game Data: Save, Load, Change

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by VLDBLZ, Feb 18, 2019.



    Dec 29, 2017

    XML Game Data: Save, Load, Change

    XML Game Data is now available in the Asset store

    XML Game Data is a tool designed to load and save various files with XML.
    The plugin is easy to use and includes many features to work with data.​

    Plugin allows to:
    • Load and save files in any path including persistent data path
    • Encrypt / decrypt downloadable files
    • Add and remove elements
    • Get and set different types: string, int, float, bool, Vector2, Vector3, Vector4
    • Find elements by name and attributes
    • Get and set attributes
    • Get element name, parent
    • Replace element with another element
    • Check if the file exists


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