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[RELEASED] uTracker - Timeline Management

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by HiVE-interactive, Aug 20, 2015.

  1. HiVE-interactive


    Oct 11, 2013

    uTracker is an editor window extension that allows code-free triggering of behavior methods according to Timelines - complete with a streamlined and easy to use tracker inspired interface.

    Using uTracker, you can quickly setup Timelines to sequence method calls with or without parameters. Each Timeline runs four channels synchronously, allowing multiple actions to occur at once. By taking care of all your sequencing needs, this is a great tool for prototyping. The uTracker package is well documented and includes 3 example scenes.

    Set your duration, play on awake or loop, start and stop Timelines or link Timelines together - Whatever your project, uTracker can accelerate its development.

    The potential uses for uTracker are infinite, limited only by your imagination.