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[Released ✅] Ultimate PlayerPrefs Editor Extension

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by tribootgmbh, Mar 12, 2021.

  1. tribootgmbh


    Jun 26, 2014
    Hi guys,

    we are proud to give you a short overview over our new Unity editor extention "Ultimate Playerprefs". This tool has grown up together with our currently released mobile game "Missile Conflict BLITZ" and we our sure it is a very useful addition for every Unity dev. We would appreciate your giving it a try and leaving us a lot of feedback. We are expanding and improving Ultimate Playerprefs with every of our own projects.

    Stay informed and in touch with us
    Asset Store | Documentation | Official Website | Github | Feedback Form


    The Ultimate PlayerPrefs editor extension helps you to store and manage local data with the PlayerPrefs system of Unity. You can inspect, organize and manage your local game data without getting in trouble with storage keys, type issues and data insecurity.

    A clear and intuitive UI interface allows you to stay on top of things even if you have a huge number of data items. UPP provides searching and filtering, using cached reading for better performance as well as data encryption for anti cheat protection. In addition you can use grouping and pin favorites to the top of the list for giving you a fast access to your vital data objects.

    Video tutorials, getting started instructions, the support forum, our websites and the github page keep you informed about updates and things we are working on. We also appreciate getting your feedback about the UPP. You can use our feedback form for that and the support board or just send us an email.

    We therefore encourage you to try Ultimate PlayerPrefs out and we are sure that it will be a must in all of your projects!

    Feature Overview

    • Efficient and secure data handling
    • Easy integrable into existing projects
    • Intuitive and clear UI
    • Pinning favorites
    • Searching and filtering
    • ✏ Inspect and edit values on the fly
    • Define default values
    • Store complex data types like Vectors, Lists, Dictionaries, JSON Objects and much more
    • Organize items in groups
    • Anti cheat protection via data encrypton
    • Handy "Ready-to-go"-Components

    Getting started

    Your way into Ultimate PlayerPrefs! starts with importing the Unity package to your project and opening the editor window.

    You can find the editor window at “Window" -> "Ultimate PlayerPrefs” in the Unity menu bar.

    We strongly recommend to have a look into the manual. You can find it here, on our website and as PDF document included in the package in your project folder at "Assets/Triboot/ultimate-player-prefs/documentation".

    store-social-with-logo.png ultimate-playerprefs_add-new-item.png ultimate-playerprefs_filter-and-search.png ultimate-playerprefs_group-view.png ultimate-playerprefs_group-view-search.png
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  2. tribootgmbh


    Jun 26, 2014
    Hi guys. Please take notice, we updated UPP Documentation. Have a nice day.
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  3. Swarly1803


    Mar 30, 2020
    I am so glad I found your tool! It is very helpful