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Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by warley_matis, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. warley_matis


    Oct 30, 2016

    Train Controller ULTIMATE COLLECTION

    The most complete Railroad System for Unity 3D!
    From freight trains to subway stations. This package includes everything you need to easily build a fully automated railway system for your game.

    Includes the complete Train Controller (Railroad System) collection.
    New addons and extensions released in the future will be included in this package for FREE!


    Youtube Tutorial available for easy learning.

    The only package in the asset store with spline based railroads and physics based trains

    • Easily create and edit railroads on the Unity Editor with the new Railroad Builder
    • Export the generated railroads to performance friendly railroad prefabs
    • Supports Train Station Stops with custom events
    • Supports Railroad Switching (turnouts)
    • Create custom railroad switches with the Railroad Turnout Creator
    • Connect wagons with only 1 click
    • Trains can climb terrain elevations and make sharp curves
    • Trains can move backwards (reverse gear)
    • Railroad Builder new features (Follow Terrain, Flatten and Remove Curve)
    • Refined max speed control
    • Train speed monitor (kph/mph)


    • 2 Locomotive prefabs (Freight and Subway)
    • 23 Freight Wagons prefabs variations
    • 2 Subway Wagons prefabs variations
    • 3 Containers prefabs variations
    • Ready to use trains prefabs
    • Railroad Builder prefab
    • Several sample railroads and rail segments prefabs ("Railroad Builder/Baked" folder)
    • Railroad switches sample prefabs
    • Animated direction indicator prefab
    • Control zones prefabs for railroad automation (speed change, honk, station stop and switch triggers)
    • Train SFX

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