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⭐ [RELEASED] TileWorldCreator 3 - Create beautiful tilemaps procedurally or manually

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by GiantGrey, Aug 16, 2021.

  1. GiantGrey


    Jul 2, 2012
    Happy to announce TileWorldCreator version 3!
    TileWorldCreator has been available at the Asset-Store since 2015. Now version 3 is finally available which has been completely rewritten from scratch!

    Create beautiful tile maps procedurally or manually with TileWorldCreator. Use the intuitive layer based workflow of version 3 to create and build tile maps based on algorithms and modifiers. Extract specific parts of your map by using rule based selections and instantiate different tile presets or scatter objects based on the generated map.

    AssetStore | Website | Documentation

    New version 3
    Version 3 is not just an "update" it is a complete rewrite from scratch. We've put all the experience and feedback gathered over the years in to this update to make it the best ever. Please note that maps saved with version 2 are not compatible.

    New and intuitive workflow
    The new blueprint and build layers stack workflow creates a very intuitive, flexible and non-destructive way of creating autotiled maps.
    Design your maps with the available generators and modifiers, create multiple layers and use rule based selections and algorithms for different parts of your map. Use the "build" layers to instantiate either tiles or objects from the blueprint layers.
    All within the easy to use editor.

    ✔ Objects spawning & Player position
    Use generated maps to spawn objects procedurally. The player position modifier allows you to automatically generate a player spawn position based on the map.
    A Demo is included which demonstrates the use of the procedural player position modifier.

    ✔ Large maps
    Version 3 now supports large tile maps (>100x100) thanks to the new world partitioning (clustering) and tile merging system. TileWorldCreator merges single tiles into larger clusters and can therefore drastically reduce drawcalls.

    ✔ Collision mesh generation
    TileWorldCreator version 3 can generate a simplified collision mesh based on the tilemap. The additional border offset allows you to control the exact collision edge.

    ✔ Runtime modification
    With the easy to use API, modifying a map at runtime is very straightforward. Thanks to the intelligent clustering, only modified tiles are being re-instantiated / destroyed instead of the whole map, even when tiles have been merged.

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