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Assets (RELEASED) Terrain Effect Solution - a complete solution for adding visual effects to your terrains

Discussion in 'Works In Progress - Archive' started by 3dDude, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. 3dDude


    Jul 4, 2010

    The Terrain Effect Solution is now live on the Asset Store!

    This package has two main features:

    The Effects:
    The package comes with 28 nature based effects ranging from clouds to butterflies with AI.
    The following is a list of the effects grouped in rough categories.

    1: Butterfly and Moth effects with AI controller.
    2: Cloud and mist effects.
    3: Wind blowing effects for snow textures.
    4: Wind blowing effects for sand textures.
    5:Multiple variations of falling leaf effects for trees.
    6: Blowing leaves effect for leaf ground textures.
    7: Falling snow for snowy trees.
    8: Apple blossoms falling.
    9: Fireflies.
    10: Ambient pollen and bug particles.
    11: Light source effects (rain, snow and bug halos).
    12: Rain, rain splashes and snow effects.
    13: Rainbow.

    The Effect Manager:
    The package also provides an extension to the built-in Unity terrain engine which provides a comprehensive set of features to automate spawning of effects on terrains. Effects may be assigned to spawn on particular scene objects as well as tree, detail, texture prototypes. The spawning may be managed with a built-in system of world masks and flags.

    A complete set of features is below:
    1: Automatic spawning of effects on trees, textures, detail objects, and scene objects.
    2: A system of true/false and 0-1 "flags" which can control the strength or toggle certain effects. This is useful for toggling effects and blending and transitioning effects like rain and snow.
    3: Spawn masks which may be defined with collision triggers.
    4: Support for multiple terrains within a scene from a single instance of the Terrain Effect Manager.
    5: Helper scripts for particle effects with use the terrain surface as a mesh emitter (raindrop splashes for example).
    6: Settings which allow effects to automatically follow the player and only turn on when the player is in certain texture or detail mesh regions. For example, snow blowing only when there is a snowy region.

    Example uses:
    Once the Terrain Effect Manager is in your scene. You simply have to assign your scene's terrains to the script and apply the preset effect groups to your terrain. For example, if you have grass on your terrain, you may simply assign the grass group to your grass texture. Once you hit play, the grassy regions will begin spawning butterflies, moths, bugs and other background effects. There are builtin groups created for snow, sand, leaves, precipitation effects, etc. You also may easily add your own effects or customize the spawn rates, spawn regions, dependent flags for spawning to occur for any custom or default effect.

    The pack with all 28 effects and the Terrain Effect Manager starts at $40. If you have any questions about the product please reach out below or at my email: