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[RELEASED] Tag Action Text - action in text

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by myouji, Jan 16, 2019.

  1. myouji


    Mar 7, 2014
    [ Tag Action Text ]

    It make your <Tag> with the Actions to use in a text.
    I think that it is a general work to this function adding a link to the web site to a part of a text, similar to html. Nor is this all, you can connect your tag to anything your functions freely.
    It gives the actions to the text surrounded by <myTag> made by yourself with the same sense that word is bolded using the <b> Unity standard tag. Alternatively, it is also possible to register not tag but the character string itself and give the actions automatically on all corresponding character strings in a text.

    [Example of Use]
    - Make the link to the website in a part of long text
    - Card effect description in a card game, when another related card name is in the sentence, emphasize that name and to display small window with the image and commentary when click there.
    - A controversial game, clicking on various words in the testimony of the defendant, a hero considers it and advancing to the next event if choose contradictory word.
    - A conversational heterosexual characters game, playing the voice when click on a conversational sentence.

    This kind of implementation and modification can be done easily.
    It might be useful even more in such cases to mix behaviors like the example in a text, or give actions while pouring a text contents from such as JSON at run time, change only the connected actions with a text as it is.
    This asset is particularly useful if you want to create such behavior on UGUI-Text and TextMeshPro can not be used for reasons such as multilingual and reduced data volume, it has difficulties with only the unity standard function.



    It can be used the normal work of UGUI-Text or TextMeshPro(UI), so you can add the tag function while using the original normal work of them by simply replacing the component. The actions are conducted by Manager(s), so it is easy to change only the connected function in runtime with keep text sentences and tags.
    It is made with attention to click detection, so suppressing the often case that your users get irritated unintentional response by text link when doing another operation such as screen scrolling.

    If you like TagActionText, can buy from the Asset Store page >>

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    Of course you may ask a question to confirm to usability before you buy!
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  2. myouji


    Mar 7, 2014