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[Released] Super UI: Next-Level UI Toolkit

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by Aligdev, Nov 25, 2021.

  1. Aligdev


    Mar 9, 2016

    ⭐ Announcing the UI solution you’ve been waiting for ⭐

    Just released:
    New UI building toolkit called “Super UI”, you’re just in time to take advantage of launch time special offer. You can now get it with one-time-only 30% off as "New Release Discount!"

    ⭐ What is Super UI?
    It’s the next big thing in game development. Super UI is just the right tool for making menus, HUD, complex UI and even standalone apps and programs, best-in-class UI solution, engineered to achieve your goal faster!

    ⭐ Why do I need this?

    Do you want to make outstanding UI for your game? Unleash your creativity with Super UI!

    Arch enemy of your project, is time! Get ahead of time by using Super UI, for UI creation you need nothing else to buy and it decreases your development costs!

    Ship your game faster or put your time and energy to test more and tune other aspects of you game.

    Super UI is especially designed for those who want to achieve more in less time.

    Of course you can wait until everybody else is using Super UI, but "it’s the early bird that gets the worm".

    ⭐ How Super UI helps you achieve more in less time?

    At its heart, Super UI is designed for humans to work with, no coding is required. It helps to make AAA-grade user interface and menus.

    ⭐ Features:

    ✔️ Simplified and code-less design process to achieve best results faster, we thought of it first!

    ✔️ Tween System (Move, Size, Scale, Rotation, Color, Fade, Gradient)

    ✔️ UI Elements prefabs (Buttons, Sliders, Toggles, and Gauges) (more elements are on their way)

    ✔️ Save System (save values of objects in the scene very fast and convenient. It supports player-profiles and also you can use it to autosave desired components of gameObjects and/or values of specific components)

    ✔️ Binding System (easily bind your UI elements to values of any component)

    ✔️ Screen Control System

    ✔️ Theme/Skin system

    ✔️ Audio System

    ✔️ Orientation control

    ✔️ Supports all supported platforms by Unity

    ✔️ Fast and easy to use, time saving

    ✔️ Loosely coupled UI with game logic

    ✔️ Source code included

    ✔️ Detailed documentation in human language

    ✔️ Small footprint

    ✔️ Live and animated UI in-mind

    ✔️ 4 demo scenes included

    ✔️ Lots of more features are on the way!

    ✔️ But wait, there’s even more!
    Skin included (A beautiful and classy skin is included, also there future skins are all included)

    ⭐ What’s in the package?

    You instantly get a set of most useful UI elements for games with much better inspector options, tween animation system, theme system with a stylish skin and an audio control system. In future updates you get more elements and systems.

    ⭐ Compatibility

    100% compliant with platforms Unity support. Because Super UI is based on Unity’s UI system, it is adaptable to any other package that works with Unity UI (UGUI).

    ⭐ Documentation

    It’s a breeze to learn to work with Super UI, I tried to keep documentation artist friendly and developer friendly, all in all, Human friendly!

    ⭐ Product Support 2.0

    If you don’t see what you need, ask me, and chances are I can add it to Super UI for you!

    I do all the work, so you don’t have to, I design it, I build it, and I support it!

    ⭐ Future of Super UI

    You get current and future state-of-the-art UI elements, systems and skins.

    Lifetime upgrades for FREE! You will get all future versions (including updates and new versions).

    ⭐ Final words

    Super UI is under major development and is getting more feature with each update! In future, Super UI sets the standards.

    Get an early start and save big on this package, save extra 30% now before it’s too late.

    There are chances that you wanted to buy an item while it was on sale, but you postponed for later and you lost the sale, so don’t delay, order now, once it’s gone, it’s too late.

    If you do not need this now, you can get it today for cheap and use it in your next projects! But I urge you to hurry and act now, Super UI is available at this price for a limited time only, and once it expires, it may never be repeated again, get it now before it’s too late. Deadline is fast approaching and when this sale is over, you’ll pay more.

    Inform your friends and anyone who’s interested in staying ahead of competition about the package and sale.

    Live Demo:

    Tween System Demo Video

    Binding System Demo Video

    Save System Demo Video

    By buying this package, you are generously supporting the developer and I really appreciate your priceless help ⭐​