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[Released] Simply Great Dice - Create Custom Dice While Never Leaving Unity

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by simplygreatgamesgg, Jul 28, 2023.

  1. simplygreatgamesgg


    May 31, 2023
    Simply Great Dice!


    Your comprehensive toolkit for using personalized dice in your project. Effortlessly adjust dice aesthetics, animations, audio, and interactions all within the Unity Editor.


    Simply Great Dice is a comprehensive and user-friendly Unity asset, specifically designed to elevate your gaming project. Ideal for RPGs, board games, or any projects needing dice, this asset is tailored to save you hours of time.

    Easily import and integrate dice prefabs into your scenes, offering both flexibility and convenience.

    React to dice actions like rolling, tipping, and setting with versatile Die Events, executing custom actions based on the die's current value.

    Add a flair of visual appeal with customizable Die Animations!

    Enhance your game's aesthetic by using the Texture Generator to create unique dice textures with your own images

    Key features include:

    • Die Prefabs: Ready-to-use, easily integratable dice assets for your scenes
    • Die Scriptables: Customizable sides for your die with the ability to set values and orientations
    • Die Scripts: A robust set of scripts to manage your dice
    • Die Events: Versatile event systems that react to various dice actions like rolling, tipping, and setting, enabling you to perform custom actions based on the die's current value
    • Die Animations: Detailed instructions for customizing and controlling visual effects accompanying the dice rolls, including presets saving and loading
    • Die Audio: Comprehensive audio management for immersive dice roll events in your scene with customizable Sound and Sound Bank scriptable objects
    • Texture Generator: A powerful Unity Editor window for creating custom dice textures using your own images. It can auto-generate normals and materials alongside the texture with all import settings automatically updated. The output can be used to customize the appearance of the provided die model
    • Debug Controls: Debug features to test the die behavior and troubleshoot any issues during development
    • Demo Scenes: Two demonstration scenes to help you familiarize yourself with the capabilities of the asset, and get a hands-on experience with modifying animations, sound effects, and textures