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[Released] Settings Menu Creator

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by CitrioN, Jan 18, 2024.

  1. CitrioN


    Oct 6, 2016

    What is the Settings Menu creator?
    The Settings Menu Creator allows the creation of settings menus with ease in a matter of minutes.

    Why should I use it?
    In my opinion every project should have a settings menu regardless of where it is during development. Creating a menu takes a significant amount of time to develop so many developers don't add one to their projects until much later in development. The addition of a settings menu has many great benefits even during the early prototyping and testing phases such as testing out the performance impact of certain visual features. With the Settings Menu Creator you can add customized settings menus to your projects in a matter of minutes making it an obvious choice to have a settings menu in all your projects going forward. There is a FREE version available you can use to test out almost all the features the pro version has to offer with the main limitation of having only a select few settings available to add to your menus. You can test risk free and get the pro version and additional addons if you like what the asset has to offer.


    ✔️ Built-in, URP, HDRP
    The menus work in all 3 render pipelines but some settings have no effect in certain pipelines due to them not existing in the respective pipeline (Check the full list here for details).

    ✔️ Over 100 Predefined Settings (Pro Version)
    Choose from over 100 settings, which cover the most common settings you can find in settings/options menus. They include settings for graphics, audio, camera and more.

    ✔️ Custom Settings (Pro Version)
    You can create your own settings without coding by assigning any method to UnityEvent based settings. This allows you for example to manipulate the intensity of a light component by using a slider and setting value change listener component.

    ✔️ Automated & Manual Workflows
    Tired of placing the sliders, toggles, dropdowns etc manually, attaching scripts to assign them to the correct setting, updating navigation if you change the order or your settings etc? This is what other assets require you to do. It takes time and is prone to user error. The Settings Menu Creator gives you the option to handle all that for you so you can focus on more important aspects of your menu or game.

    ✔️ Very Customizable & Versatile
    What if you want to replace a dropdown in your menu? In other assets you would have to delete it and place the new one, reassign and set up all the required scripts to make it work again. With the Settings Menu Creator you only have to replace the dropdown reference on a scriptable object and your menu will use the new dropdown. Takes only a second.

    ✔️ Automatic Navigation Setup
    Tired of manually assigning keyboard/controller menu navigation? Let the tool set it up automatically at runtime.

    ✔️ Old & New Input System Navigation
    Menu navigation works for both the old and the new input system.

    ✔️ No Coding Skills Required
    With a scriptable object and prefab based workflow you don’t need any coding skills.

    ✔️ Reskin Your Menu In Realtime
    Change colors, fonts, text size and other variables in real time using a powerful style profile system. The system can also easily be used for any other system too.

    ✔️ Additional UI Components
    Other settings menu assets don’t offer you the most common UI element used in many settings menus: A previous & next selector (horizontal selector). It is a very common UI element in console games but also used very frequently in PC games. To make the creation of the most common settings menu layouts and styles several additional components, including a tab menu, UI panel system and a dropdown with autoscroll are included.

    ✔️ Automatic & Manual Saving/Loading
    Choose between automatic or manual saving and loading. Save formats are PlayerPrefs, Json (Pro) and Xml (Pro).

    ✔️️ UGUI & UI Toolkit
    Both UI systems are supported, however they do not have the same depth of customizability due to their difference in workflows (UGUI is prefab based, UI Toolkit is UMXL/USS based). The UI Toolkit aspect is considered BETA since UI Toolkit has not been labeled production ready for runtime usage for that long and it is getting updated regularly.

    ✔️ Full Source Code Included
    Want to extend the tool? Go for it!

    Available Add-Ons

    Built-In Post Processing Settings
    Adds over 80 Built-In Post Processing related settings.

    URP & HDRP Settings
    Adds over 100 URP & HDRP exclusive settings.

    Input Rebinding (Unity's New Input System)
    Adds input/key rebinding support for Unity's new input system.

    Planned Add-Ons

    • Localization




    Quickstart Guide

    and more tutorial videos coming soon...

    ✉️ Contact
    If you have any feedback, suggestions or need help, feel free to contact me:
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  2. CitrioN


    Oct 6, 2016
    Reserved for later.
  3. CitrioN


    Oct 6, 2016
    The asset will release in the coming days. Stay tuned for the links to the asset store pages. In the meantime here is a little teaser trailer for it highlighting how easy and quickly it is to create a fully functional and customized settings menu from scratch with it.

    Teaser Trailer
  4. CitrioN


    Oct 6, 2016
    I'm happy to say that the asset(s) are now published. I'm hoping that the free version provides a great opportunity for developers to try out the asset risk free and decide whether or not to purchase the paid product(s) that suit their needs and save them time that they can allocate elsewhere. The free version is also a good opportunity to always have a settings menu in your game jam games for which people usually don't have time to include one.

    If you got any kind of feedback don't hesitate to reach out. I got many more plans for features to add to the various products but knowing what people want most can provide direction or even inspiration for things I have not thought of or planned yet.​
  5. CitrioN


    Oct 6, 2016
    Hey everyone,
    I hope you are all having a wonderful day.

    A new update for the assets is now live on the Unity Asset Store.

    Settings Menu Creator Version 1.0.2
    • Updated welcome tab
    • NEW Documentation tab
    • NEW Support Tab
    • NEW UI Toolkit demo scene
    • Updated base text prefab to use correct text mesh pro material
    • Updated how dynamic text prefabs listen to text size changes
    • Fixed incorrect version check (Thanks to Chnappi for reporting it)
    • Fixed incorrect method call if new input system is in project (Thanks to Chnappi for reporting it)
    • Fixed menu refresh causing manually placed elements to be removed too

    Input Rebinding Addon Version 1.0.1
    • NEW Documentation tab
    • Updated rebinding overlay so it can show all inputs that cancel the input rebinding
    • Changed input rebinding cancel functionality. Now can take multiple paths but doesn't support Actions or placeholders such as '*' because Unity does not internally check for those
    • Updated documentation

    StyleProfile System
    Version 1.0.2
    • Small bugfixes & quality of life changes
    • Preparations for upcoming StyleProfile edit mode support

    I look forward to hearing any feedback, feature request or support inquiries you might have.
    You can also join the discord where many other users are already sharing their thoughts and feature requests. On discord things can also be a bit more organized than in this thread but I'm happy to receive your feedback wherever is best for you.