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[RELEASED] SceneSorter - Manage your project scenes, fast loading and switching.

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by masterton, Jul 27, 2023.

  1. masterton


    Dec 11, 2012

    The latest version, 1.2 of Scene Sorter is out.

    This tool was born out of my own necessity to be constantly switching between scenes and never being able to find them in the project view. I was also working on projects that had initialization scenes where my gameplay work would be additively loaded on top. So I needed a way to:
    • Favorite scenes I worked with a lot.
    • Quickly switch between these scenes.
    • Launch the game via the Init scene and being able to return to my working scene when done.

    It has been a long time between updates. As soon as I launched Scene Sorter 1.0, Unity came out with the feature of loading multiple scenes in the editor at the same time. Oh no, no one else will find this useful, I thought. And dreams of Asset Store acclaim died there. But Unity's feature never really lived up to the needs of those of us working with many scenes. And I kept using and improving Scene Sorter along the way.

    So here is version 1.2 with new features:
    • hide junk scenes
    • use hotkeys to launch any of the top 3 favorites quickly
    • change the priority of scenes in the viewer
    • a new light-hearted coat of paint

    I hope you like it, I hope you use it, and if it saves you 5 minutes a day of combing through the project view trying to find that blasted scene whose name or location you cant remember, then I hope its worth the asking price.

    I'll gladly accept feature requests, thanks for listening to my tale.