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[Released] RedBull Car Park Drift (by Pixel Punch)

Discussion in 'Made With Unity' started by Paulius-Liekis, Apr 15, 2014.

  1. Paulius-Liekis


    Aug 31, 2009
    We developed a car-park drifting game for RedBull in cooperation with Interesting Times, Kettle and TTHSS. The game is available for download in Middle East region.


    We took care of full development cycle from prototipization of drifting engine to releasing for iOS and Android. Some more notable features:

    • In-house developed custom car-physics designed for drifting game in very narrow tracks. We were asked to replicate RedBull CPD tournament in the game, i.e. develop a car park drifting game with pseudo realistic physics, which implies slalom driving style. There are no other games that do it well.
    • 5 stage tournament system with online leaderboards, weekly tournaments and real prizes.
    • English and Arabic languages with fully localized UI layouts.

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