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[Released] Racing Project Kit - Create Racing Games Easily

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by Igna338, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. Igna338


    Mar 12, 2018
    Racing Project Kit it's an ideal template to create racing games
    The project it's fully coded in C#, also the scripts are commented and there's a PDF Documentation to learn fast how everything works and make it easy to customize.

    Have a look in the Asset Store.
    Play and check out all the features by yourself in the Demo or watch a Gameplay.
    Also you can see the PDF Documentation Here.

    Main Features:
    -3 Game Modes:
    Race Mode: Race against an opponent driven by Unity Standard Assets AI, the opponent will follow Points to follow the road, and it features a Tracker to know the current ongoing location. These points are customizables and you can use as many as you need.

    Time Trial: Beat the clock on a classical time trial race, set the time limit and race. The race by default its set to 2 laps, the first one as a Warmup and the second one as a Time one where you need to beat the time limit.

    Score Attack: Collect the Obejcts in the track to get the requested score and watch out to finish the race in time. The Score Objects can be fully customized (points, position, color, and more) also the Time Limit and the Requested Score can be changed too.

    -Cash & Unlockables:
    Each Game Mode gives you a $100 reward (the reward can be changed) with this money you can buy 2 additional cars, this locked options can be used for buy more cars or customizate it too. The reward money you win in the race is 100% saved and it loads even if you close and open again the game. This Asset includes a special scene to reset the player prefs so you can delete all the saved data like money or unlocked cars, for testing purposes.

    -Complete Race Mechanics:
    Laps Selector: Select easy and fast with 2 buttons, the laps you want in Race Mode and Split Screen Mode inside the game, also you can put a minimum and maximum of laps, by default its 2 and 5.

    Laps System: The circuit includes a Checkpoint and a Finish Line to count the laps, it is used in the 3 gamemodes and you can place it in different sizes or directions, also you can add as many checkpoints or laps as you need.

    Different Race Finishes: All the finishes of different game modes are programmed, example: Finish in 1st Position, Finish 2nd, Ran out of time, Score not reached, and more, each one with its own panel and text and in the Win Finish an extra finish camera with music.

    Race Positions: This assets has a script to detect your position compared with the opponent car and shows in the UI if you're going 1st or 2nd. If you need more opponent cars/positions, don't worry, this is customizable and you can expand it.

    -Multiplayer Split-Screen:
    Compete against other person in a split screen race with all the mechanics: (laps, race positions), both players can select different cars, colors and change the camera. By default the controls are made up for 2 players with the same keyboard, in the input settings of the project you can easily re-assign the controls for player 1 or 2.

    Race positions, laps, lap time, score collected, time limit, finish panels, start race countdown and additional info it's completely showned and worked via Unity UI.

    5 second splash screen: It is used to show the game name or company name, you can easily change the seconds in the script.

    Main Menu: Play, Options, Credits, Exit, and it also shows the money you have acquired doing the races.

    Play Menu: This menu let's you select the game mode, the car, buy cars and select the track.

    Credits Menu: Shows your credits with a customizable length of time in seconds and a back button to exit before the credits finishes.

    Reset Player Prefs: This menu its only accessible via the inspector and let's you delete the saved prefs like money or buyed cars for testing purposes.

    Documentation/Customer Support:
    This asset includes a complete PDF that explains how everything was made and how you can you work with it, also the scripts are fully commented.

    Also there's videos of this asset available at the SpinMotionGames YouTube channel.

    You can contact SpinMotion for any kind of question in Twitterby sending a DM or you can send a mail at

    Additional Features:
    -4 Colors:
    Change the color of the car, you have 4 putted as default, it works for every race mode.

    -3 Camera Views:
    You can change between 3 different cameras with the "V" key or "C" for player 2 in split-screen. You can add more than 3 cameras, change the position, change the key activation, its fully customizable.

    -Countdown UI:
    Start your race with the typical 3, 2, 1 countdown with Sound FX included, and Car Controller deactivated until it hits Go. Obviously this countdown is fully customizable (numbers, fx sounds, and more)

    -Music Integration:
    Available in-race music and a finish race tune.

    -Track Boundaries:
    Around the track there its placed some boundaries to not get out of the track, this are shown for example to know how to put it in other tracks.

    -Simple Sky Rotate:
    Add more life to the environment with a moving sky with customizable speed.

    Have a look in the Asset Store:
    Gameplay right here: