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[RELEASED] Pixel Harmony - Advanced image editing tool for the Unity engine

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by Rukas90, Jun 20, 2023.

  1. Rukas90


    Sep 20, 2015

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    Pixel Harmony empowers Unity with advanced image editing tools. Enhance visuals effortlessly within your project, bringing out the best in your creative vision.





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    Brush Creator Tool.png



    Pixel Harmony is an image editing plugin for the Unity engine. It offers an array of image manipulation tools, extending your creative scope without leaving the Unity environment.

    Greatly minimize the back-and-forth with external software. With Pixel Harmony, enjoy the convenience of making timely, efficient edits to your images within the Unity workspace.

    Furthermore, significant attention was put into designing a user interface that is both straightforward and intuitive, ensuring a welcoming experience for new users. Pixel Harmony is your invitation to explore image editing with ease and efficiency.


    Operations are handled with GPU and Job + Burst, making processing times fast.

    Available Tools
    • Move
    • Brush
    • Erase
    • Clone
    • Eyedropper
    • Bucket Fill
    • Crop
    • Free Transform
    • Perspective
    • Rotate
    • Render
    • Zoom
    • Dodge
    • Burn
    • Sponge
    Available Filters
    • Distort
    • Anti-Tile
    • Blur
      • Gaussian
      • Average
      • High Pass
      • Bilateral
    • Pixelate
      • Mosaic
    • Offset
    • Solarize
    • Fill
    • Gradient
      • Radial
      • Linear
      • Diamond
      • Reflected
      • Angle
    • Pattern
    • Emboss
    • Noise
    • Sharpen
      • Unsharp Mask
      • Smart Sharpen
    • Glowing Edge
    • MipMap

    PBR Material Generation

    Pixel Harmony comes with full PBR generation filters:
    • Height map
    • Normal map
    • Smoothness/Roughness map
    • Metallic map
    • Ambient Occlusion map
    Using these filters you can easily and quickly generate full PBR material out of a single albedo map!

    Available Adjustments
    • Brightness and Contract
    • Color Balance
    • Levels
    • Channel Mixer
    • Channel Swap
    • Channel Clamp
    • Desaturate
    • Replace Color
    • Exposure
    • Flip
      • Horizontal
      • Vertical
    • Gradient Map
    • Hue, Saturation, and Brightness
    • Invert
    • Lift, Gain, and Gamma
    • Mirror
      • Horizontal
      • Vertical
    • Posterize
    • Threshold
    • Tone Correction (Shadows, Midtones, and Highlights)
    • Vibrance

    Color Galleries
    Pixel Harmony contains the ability to create your own color galleries.

    You can also save presets of currently opened adjustment and/or filter settings, as well as, project creation settings.
    Once saved the preset will be stored on your local machine, making it accessible from within any project with a few clicks.

    There are multiple resources you can create while using Pixel Harmony.
    Things like brushes, gradients, patterns, and color galleries.

    All of these resources, including the plugin settings and presets, are saved on your local machine in the 'Documents/Pixel Harmony' folder.

    This results in multi-project persistence. All the created resources and saved settings / presets will be loaded and available in all Unity projects automatically.

    The plugin comes with multiple included Brushes, Gradients, Patterns, and Color Galleries.

    Save and Load Projects
    Each project can be easily saved to a custom file and then loaded back, restoring everything to its previous state.

    The canvas output can be easily exported to an image file. You can export to png, jpg, and jpeg formats.

    Alongside, the ability to export the final canvas output, you can also export each individual graphical layer via the layer menu ☰ options.

    There are multiple resampling methods that can be used when upscaling or downscaling an image.

    Available Resampling Methods:
    • Nearest Neighbor
    • Bilinear
    • CatmullRom
    • Bicubic4x4
    • Lanczos
    • Mitchell
    • EWA


    While using the plugin each change you make is recorded. Which means you can easily undo and redo changes on the fly.

    There is a predefined number of available history records that can be stored in memory. This number can be adjusted via "Preferences".The higher the number the more memory it requires (depending on the data stored).
    There are also multiple other options available to configure in the "Preferences>Performance" section.

    Keyboard Shortcuts

    There are multiple keyboard shortcuts available.

    These are a few shortcuts that are available:
    • Ctrl + S -> Save Project
    • Ctrl + Z -> Undo
    • Ctrl + Y -> Redo
    • Ctrl + Plus -> Canvas Zoom In
    • Ctrl + Minus -> Canvas Zoom Out
    • Ctrl + 0 -> Canvas Zoom to Fit
    • X -> Swap Color
    • Ctrl + LeftBracket -> Decrease Brush Size
    • Ctrl + RightBracket -> Increase Brush Size
    • and more...

    Easy-to-Use Interface
    The interface is carefully designed to be simple, straightforward, and easy to use.

    Layers System
    Pixel Harmony contains layer based rendering system. You can create, duplicate, merge, delete, and reorder layers.

    Each layer contains an opacity and a blend mode option, which determents how the layer will blend with the rest of the below layers.

    There are multiple different types of layers available:

    • Pixel Layer
    Pixel layers let you make alterations to an actual image. You can apply adjustments, and filters and edit them via various available tools.
    • Shape Layer
    Shape layers allow for generating vector shapes.

    To create a shape layer, select the Shape Tool and click and drag on the canvas to create a new shape. Upon releasing the mouse a new shape layer will be inserted.
    • Adjustment Layer
    Adjustment layers let you insert a layer that applies an adjustment to all the below layers.
    • Solid Color Layer
    The solid color layer is a simple color fill layer that fills the canvas with a specified color.
    • Gradient Layer
    Similarly to a solid color layer, a gradient layer fills the canvas with a specified gradient.

    Layer Mask

    Each layer can have its own layer mask. You can draw onto the mask, as well as, apply filters. Layer mask by default is linked to a layer content.

    This means that if you move a layer, for example, the mask will move with it. However, you can break that link by toggling the chain icon.

    When non-linked the layer content and mask can be altered separately.

    You can also easily enable/disable the existing mask via the layer menu ☰ options.


    One of the features of Pixel Harmony is painting. The painting tools allow the configuration of various types of settings.

    Some of these settings are specifying the brush, setting opacity, radius, and symmetry. Additionally, when using a brush tool you can also choose a color and a blend mode.

    The blend mode option determents how will the paint be blended with the already existing layer pixels.

    Blending Modes
    There are 32 different blending modes available.
    • Normal
    • Behind
    • Dissolve
    • Clear
    • Darken
    • Multiply
    • Color Burn
    • Linear Burn
    • Lighten
    • Screen
    • Color Dodge
    • Linear Dodge
    • Overlay
    • Soft Light
    • Hard Light
    • Vivid Light
    • Linear Light
    • Pin Light
    • Hard Mix
    • Difference
    • Exclusion
    • Subtract
    • Divide
    • Hue
    • Saturation
    • Color
    • Luminosity
    • Lighter Color
    • Darker Color
    • Negation
    • Phoenix
    • Reflect

    Brush Creation and Settings
    You can easily create your own custom brushes and configure them by adjusting the various available settings.

    Brush settings:
    • Flow
      • Spacing
    • Scatter
    • Jitter
      • Size
      • Angle
      • Opacity
    • Effects
      • Fade
      • Trail

    Additional compatibility information
    To use Pixel Harmony you need Unity version 2021.2 or newer.

    Requires the following packages to be installed:
    • Editor Coroutines
    • Burst
    • Collections
    • Input System
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  2. Rukas90


    Sep 20, 2015
    Released version 1.1.0

    • Implemented support for tablet + pen pressure
    • Implemented custom convolution filter
    • Improved memory management when loading resources
    • Improved performance when painting
    • Reorganized the painted inspector view
    • Improved the order of the top navigation buttons
    • Fixed a 'Replace Color' adjustment inspector bug. Where when the values of the inspector are reset to defaults, the 'Exposure' value does not reset properly causing it to get stuck at zero until a value is changed

    Asset Store:
  3. Rukas90


    Sep 20, 2015
    Released version 2.0.0

    • Shortcuts for tools and actions:
      • Move Tool: V
      • Crop Tool: C
      • Rotate Tool: R
      • Transform Tool: T
      • Brush Tool: B
      • Eraser Tool: E
      • Shape Tool: U
      • Delete Selected Layer Area: Delete
      • Extract Selected Layer Area: Alt+Shift + E
      • Levels Adjustment: Ctrl/Command + L
      • HSB Adjustment: Ctrl/Command + U
      • Toggle Pixel Perfect: Shift + P
      • Toggle Snapping: Shift + S
      • Open Color Select: Shift+Alt + Q
      • Insert New Empty Layer: Ctrl/Command+Shift + J
      • Duplicate Selected Layers: Ctrl/Command + J
      • Merge Selected Layers: Ctrl/Command + E
      • Select Next Layer: Shift + RightBracket
      • Append Next Layer: Ctrl/Command+Shift + RightBracket
      • Select Previous Layer: Shift + LeftBracket
      • Append Previous Layer: Ctrl/Command+Shift + LeftBracket
      • Unselect Top Layer: Alt+Shift + LeftBracket
      • Unselect Bottom Layer: Alt+Shift + RightBracket
    • Snapping feature
    • Rectangle Selection Tool
    • Uniform scaling for free transform to maintain aspect ratio
    • Layer blending options
    • Blend-if features for current and underlying layers
    • Toggle for layer RGB channels
    • Ability to project layer content onto a layer mask
    • Implemented Swatches
    • Added canvas ribbon for quick access to global features
    • Implemented a way to create a new layer mask by using the current selection
    • Additional shapes:
      • Triangle
      • Heart
      • Arrow
      • Polygon
    • Global plugin settings for data persistence, like selected brush target
    • Draggable windows
    • Added a traditional mode to the bucket fill tool
    • Implemented a Pixel Perfect option
    • Implemented a new brush effect "Continuous aka Build-Up"
    • Implemented a new brush effect "Texture/Pattern overlay"
    • Implemented an option to adjust brush's initial angle and roundness
    • Implemented an option to adjust brush falloff
    • Implemented an option to duplicate the brush preset
    • Implemented brush stroke preview in the brush creator window
    • Added new brush presets:
      • Dithering x4 brushes
    • Added new color galleries
    • Switch data serialization from the legacy custom serialization system to Odin Serialization system
    • Added confirmation menu to the following tools:
      • Rotate tool
      • Transform tool
      • Perspective tool
    • Implemented a canvas preview window

    • Painting performance
    • Improved one-pixel painting
    • Enhanced edge-smoothing for brushes, with improved visual quality at smaller brush sizes
    • Improved the brush angle jittering
    • Improved resources previews
    • Improved the histogram coloring
    • Improved layer, mask, and channel previews when dealing with a small-resolution canvas
    • Improved Toolbar icons
    • Improved Fill tool by adding an option to use the traditional mode

    • Certain shortcuts not executing in specific action states
    • Fixed Resources save corruption bug
    • Fixed brush rotation
    • Fixed SolidFill layer icon missing
    • Fixed Resource item rename update bug
    • Fixed a bug where the adjustment would not be applied to a selected layer mask unless it was not linked to the content
    • Temporarily removed the CatmullRom painting interpolation mode
    • Removed the Create button from the brush Creator top navigation
    • All projects saved prior to version 2.0.0 are no longer supported due to a change in the serialization system.
    • Latest confirmed supported Unity version is 2023.1.16f1

    Asset Store:
  4. Rukas90


    Sep 20, 2015
  5. Rukas90


    Sep 20, 2015
    Released version 2.1.0

    • Shortcuts for tools and actions:
      • Fill Tool: G
      • Clone Tool: S
    • Added the ability to type the opacity value using either the keyboard's alpha keys or keypad keys
    • Improved zooming by adding:
      • Scroll to zoom (Alt + ScrollWheel)
    • Improved panning by adding:
      • Scroll to pan vertically fast (Shift + ScrollWheel)
      • Scroll to pan horizontally (Control + ScrollWheel)
      • Scroll to pan horizontally fast (Control + Shift + ScrollWheel)
    • Fixed the clone stamp sampling issue
    • Fixed the toolbar tool tooltip formatting
    • Fixed the eraser strength/opacity bug
    • Fixed solid color layer gamma correction issue
    • Fixed fill filter on the empty layer bug
    • Fixed Gradient filter bound to selection bug

    Asset Store:
  6. frandixon


    Nov 16, 2023
    Pixel Harmony seamlessly integrates advanced image editing tools into the Unity engine, empowering creators to enhance visuals effortlessly within their projects. With an intuitive user interface, navigating through tools like ADJUSTMENTS, PBR, and the innovative Brush Creator Tool becomes second nature. The plugin eliminates the need for external software, allowing users to make timely edits directly within the Unity workspace. This convenience, reminiscent of the efficient image editing experience on PC with Remini, invites users to explore and expand their creative vision without the hassle of switching between platforms. Pixel Harmony stands as a testament to Unity's commitment to providing a comprehensive, user-friendly environment for game developers and creators, ensuring that the process of image editing is both accessible and enjoyable within the Unity ecosystem.
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2023