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[RELEASED] PathNavigator3D

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by CodesCove, Apr 25, 2024.

  1. CodesCove


    Nov 18, 2018
    Few weeks ago I released a A* variant path solver for 3D-spaces. Still in beta, but working quite stable already.
    PathNavigator3D is geared towards creators that need a robust but still configurable path navigation capability in 3D space. These components rely only to Unity’s core components and do not require any extra libraries (other than delivered with PathNavigator3D). You have multiple options to optimize the quality or performance of the path solving. Path calculation is spread over multiple frames to prevent over usage of the resources.
    Few highlights:
    • Path LoS (Line of Sight) optimization.
    • Bi-layered navigation grid for low and high LOD (Level of Detail).
    • Hybrid navgrid path finding utilizing different LOD navgrids to find the path efficiently.
    • Path calculation automatic global load balancing based on the game frame rate (CPU frame time) to prevent throttling.
    • Centralized control API to manage all the path solver instances across scene.
    • Path smoothing to get Bezier squared path points.
    • Surface aligned navigation grid for near ground navigation.
    • Closest point path solving when target is unreachable
    • Dynamic navigation obstacles to support moving obstacles and path/obstacle carving
    Compatibility: Unity versions starting from 2021 LTS are supported. API compatibility level .NET Standard 2.1. Package is not depended on any other extra unity packages. Actual navigation system in not depended on any render pipeline but the demo scene is using built-in render pipeline.
    Support & manual:
    Find it in Asset Store: PathNavigator3D | Behavior AI | Unity Asset Store
    You can also post here if you need any help or have questions.
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