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[RELEASED] Orchestral Adventure Music Bundle (30% OFF!)

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by wanderingminstrelmusic, Jul 10, 2023.

  1. wanderingminstrelmusic


    Jun 9, 2023
    Very excited to announce the release of Orchestral Adventure Music Bundle, a compilation of three separate music packs featuring high-quality, professional orchestrations perfect for a variety of different types of adventure games.

    This bundle features 34 loops and over 60 minutes of music and is currently available for 30% off. Don't miss the chance to level up your sound with some of the highest quality orchestral/adventure music on the Unity Asset Store.


    (.wav, 24bit, 48k) (All tracks include a loop and non-loop version)

    Orchestral Adventure Music Pack Vol. 1

    A Hero Emerges [1:35]

    More Than Just A Town [1:24]

    Magical Forest [1:01]

    Unexpected Encounter [1:25]

    Castle Halls [1:08]

    Ebb and Flow [2:43]

    Moments of Kindness [0:51]

    Ruins of the Lost City [1:53]

    A Battle With Giants [2:06]

    The Final Dungeon [1:18]

    To The Death [1:57]

    Orchestral Adventure Music Pack Vol. 2

    The Journey Begins [2:43]

    Born and Raised [1:00]

    Fieldlands [1:38]

    Darkness [2:29]

    Wild Beasts [1:07]

    Village Shenanigans [0:56]

    Hold On To Me [1:59]

    Puzzled [1:09]

    Footprints In The Snow [1:55]

    Enemy Attack [2:03]

    Piano Atmospheres

    Plains [2:54]

    Morning [2:28]

    Village [1:36]

    Wind [2:29]

    Tundra [2:00]

    Rain [1:48]

    Sky [2:12]

    Curiosity [2:26]

    Resting Grounds [2:52]

    Spring [3:23]

    Bonus Tracks

    Title Screen [2:12]

    Exploring New Places [2:40]

    Scenic City [2:12]