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[RELEASED] Nova UI Framework - Free Trial

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by NovaUI, Sep 19, 2022.

  1. NovaUI


    Jul 27, 2022
    Introducing Nova, a new kind of UI framework made for Unity developers, designers, and creators!

    Nova brings modern UI features, such as rounded corners, drop shadows, virtualized lists and grids, padding, margins, and more, to a familiar Transform and Prefab workflow. Construct 2D and volumetric UIs like never before for mobile, desktop, XR, and beyond.

    In addition to the extensive feature-set, Nova was built from the ground up with performance as a priority, heavily leveraging Unity’s Burst compiler and Job System, so you and your team can spend more time focusing on functionality and gameplay and less time worry about optimizing your menus.

    Asset Store

    We encourage you to explore Nova's rich documentation at to learn more!

    We're also excited to share several heavily-commented sample projects along with an end-to-end video walkthrough of creating the Inventory UI and a code-free Paused Menu video tutorial using the out-of-box UI Controls.

    The free trial of Nova is a zero-risk way to determine if Nova meets the needs and requirements of your project!

    About the Free Trial:

    • Complete Feature Set: Nova - Free Trial contains all of the features, functionality, and APIs of the paid version.
    • Compatibility: Content built with the free trial is 100% compatible with the paid version, and vice versa. That means all of the Nova samples work with the free trial, and upgrading is seamless -- just replace the trial package with the paid version.
    • Only works in Editor: content built with this free trial version will not render in builds for any platform, and attempting to reference Nova apis in scripts that are included in builds will cause the build to fail.
    • Not Burst optimized: The performance of this free trial version is not representative of the performance of the paid version, as the paid version is 3-10x faster due to optimizations made via the Burst compiler

    Nova - Free Trial is available now on the Asset Store!