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[RELEASED] Modular Commercial Buildings // 95 Prefabs, 62 Materials, and 93 Texture maps

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by ShermanWaffleStudios, Mar 19, 2019.

  1. ShermanWaffleStudios


    Feb 19, 2019

    Modular Commercial Buildings is a set of modular pieces to build realistic, detailed, and highly optimized buildings for your projects.
    This pack of assets enables you and your studio to build flexible environments quickly and efficiently, saving you valuable time.

    The Modular Commercial Buildings pack has ultimate flexibility. You can easily adjust, edit, or import and utilize custom textures and materials on any prefab. This allows endless variation while reusing the mesh, keeping draw calls down.

    With over 95 prefabs, 62 materials, and 93 texture maps, there’s plenty of well thought out and implemented content to go by. You won’t be needing another commercial building pack again.


    -All texture maps have 2048x2048 resolution, except for decal textures, which have 1024x512 resolution.

    -Every material is PBR, meaning it has an albedo map, metallic and smoothness map, and a normal map. Some materials have height maps for parallax occlusion. The only exception to this is decal materials, they only have an albedo texture set to cutout or transparent rendering mode with the appropriate alpha cutoff slider set.

    -Includes 1 decal prefab and 30 different materials to go with it. The decal prefab can be scaled, changing the aspect ratio to fit the material. However, most decal materials already work with the default aspect ratio.

    -Includes 2 scenes; a demo scene and an every prefab scene.

    -Includes 95 prefabs, 62 materials, and 93 texture maps.

    -Some albedo textures are white but have detail so you can tint them any color.

    -No prefab has baked texture to fit their UV's, rather, the other way around. So you can import your own generically oriented texture and have it project well on the prefab.

    -Modeled efficiently for medium poly count.

    Note: ProGrids is required to work properly! Follow the documentation from this asset for more information.