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[RELEASED]: Modular Character: Stylized Female Base Pack

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by stellargameassets, Nov 26, 2022.

  1. stellargameassets


    May 15, 2017

    Modular Character: Stylized Female Base Pack


    Modular Characters are a new series form Stellar Game Assets that feature customizable, modular character bases and addon packs. The first release is the Stylized Female Base Pack, which comes with a ton of mix/match hairstyles, clothing and cosmetics. It's now available on the asset store!
    • Base Body (Hands, Feet, Chest, Legs)
    • 5 Face options
    • 12 Eye colours
    • 5 Eyebrow styles
    • 3 Skin Tones
    • 6 Makeup Options
    • 3 Hairstyles
    • Lots of clothing, including hats, jewelry, eyewear, tops, pants, skirts, dress, shoes, purse, watch and belt (see full listing for item details and tris counts).
    • Large selection of visemes and face/body morph options
    The Modular System:
    Base characters are packaged with the Modular System, a smart tool for syncing morphs, and mix/matching clothing, cosmetics and hairstyles.

    • Create or buy additional clothing packs to add to this base character for even more options. They’re super easy to add to your existing Character.
    • Choose how you want to manage clothing and hair slots. Do you want to instantiate/destroy for a clean rig, or enable/disable a series of mesh renderers? The System allows you to do either.
    • Account for variations of clothing items. For example, if a pair of jeans needs a tucked in version of a shirt, the System will account for that automatically. Default parts are automatically swapped in when clothing is removed.
    • Adjust morphs on all equipped parts at the same time. The system syncs all of the currently equipped skinned meshes.
    • Incorporate the System into your own equipment managers, inventory systems or Character Creators with easy-to-use public functions.
    System Functions:
    • Equip
    • Remove
    • Change Material
    • Change Skin
    • Change Eyes/Eyebrows
    • Sync morphs
    • Export data from System (to save a set)
    • Import data to System (to equip a set)
    • Save prefab (editor only)
    • Save preset (editor only)
    Demo and Tool Functionality:
    • Full demo scenes featuring a character creation interface
    • Editor helpers to add items one at a time or as a set