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Discussion [Released] Made Easy Quaternion - Rotation Simplified

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by DemonDev10, Sep 16, 2022.

  1. DemonDev10


    Jan 11, 2019

    Made Easy Quaternion is designed to make rotations in unity very easy and simple to use.

    Made Easy Quaternions - Rotation simplified will help you achieve complicated rotations in a very easy way. You just need to call a single line of code for most of the tasks and Made Easy Quaternion will manage it all. Currently, rotating an object in Unity can be tricky and achieving complicated rotations takes time and understanding of quaternions.

    Made Easy Quaternion is designed to make rotations simple to use. It will help you save lots of time and headache. The Benefits of Made Easy Quaternion are below.

    Very easy to use: Most rotations can be done with single line of code.

    You don't have to call the methods in update/FixedUpdate: You just need to call the methods once and Made Easy Quaternion will rotate the transform by using an internal loop.

    Can be used in any project regrardless of the genre: Doesn't matter which type of project you are working on, Made Easy Quaternion will make your life easier.

    Works anywhere and everywhere: Made Easy Quaternion uses unity's internal methods and does not use any external packages, so the code will not create any problems during build or in editor.

    No weird/OutOfPlace rotations: Sometimes parent rotations really mess up the rotation of the child and solving it using Unity's methods are not so easy. Made Easy Quaternion can follow Parent's rotation or rotate independently as well. User just need to provide the desired type of rotation and Made Easy Quaternion will get it done.

    Efficient and expandable: The structure of Made Easy Quaternion is very simple and has been designed to make sure developers can expand it if needed. For example, all the types of rotations are defined in different scripts, so if you want to make change to one type of rotation, then other part of Made Easy Quaternion will still work as intended. Some packages have all the code conjusted in one script which makes expansion very difficult. Made Easy Quaternion will not create such problems.

    In-depth Documentation: Documentation is provided with description of all the methods and examples of how to use the asset. Further, a full demo scene is also provided.


    Some Methods of Made Easy Quaternion are defined Below:

    Please note all the methods of the Made Easy Quaternion will respect the rotation of parent or can also rotate independently depending on the argument passed when the method is called. This will make things very easy for you as a developer and will also stop unwanted behaviour.

    ConstantRotation(): Constantly rotates a transform with speed and around the selected axis.

    LinearRotation(): Rotates based on speed. Speed of rotation can be changed anytime and Made Easy Quaternion makes sure that the transition is smooth.

    RotateTransformByAngle():Rotates the transform by certain angle along the axis defined. For example, if you want to rotate the door by 90 degrees, you can just call this method and pass the door as the transform and Made Easy Quaternion will get it done.

    RotateTowardsPoint(): Rotates an object towards a point. You can use the point's Tranform directly. The point can be put anywhere in the scene and the transform will rotate towards it depending on its forward vector.

    PingPongRotation(): Rotates the transform back and forth based on fluctuation angle.

    MatchRotationSmooth(): Matches the rotation of first transform with the other transform with smoothness. This can also be called rotation follower as it will follow the rotation of the other transform based on speed provided in the parameter.

    LookTowards(): Look towards a target with certain speed while respecting the constraints.

    RotateByMouse():Rotates the transform based the movement of the mouse while respecting the constraints. Obiviously it can be used on the camera as well.

    MatchToTerrain(): Matches the rotation of the transform with the terrain.

    StopRotationLinearly(): Stops a rotation smoothly with time. So when you want to end a rotation, you can call this method and rotation will stop smoothly over time.

    These are just some methods which are defined in Made Easy Quaternion. There are many others which can help you achive amazing results in very less span of time. You also don't need to have knowledge of quaternions to use this asset.

    Asset Store Link: