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[RELEASED] M3 me-SMG (SciFi Sub Machine Gun)

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by MACHIN3, Nov 11, 2017.

  1. MACHIN3


    May 25, 2016

    M3 e-HG (ScFi Hand Gun)

    The M3 me-SMG is a modular energy sub machine gun from MACHIN3 Weapon Manufacturing.

    It was designed as a compact but powerful firearm for special forces, vehicle crews, operators of crew-served weapons and support personnel, special forces.<br>

    Offering semi- and full automatic firing modes, the gun can be used in a variety of strategic and combat scenarios, making the gun an excellent fit for a huge variety of missions.<br>
    Through its extendable rail system, the weapon's capabilities can be broadened and enhanced through combination of available accessories, such as the FLX-10 multi-spectrum flashlight for low visibility conditions or Ashiyama Industries' ZX-12 scope for precision work.


    This asset is quite detailed and created with an eye towards current and next-generation needs in the gaming and real-time film spaces.

    This asset is built using deferred mesh decals and REQUIRES deferred rendering. It will not work in forward rendering!


    The Asset comes in 7 main parts:
    • the sub machine gun
    • a scope
    • a flashlight
    • a reflex sight
    • a horizontal foregrip
    • a mystery accessory 1, sight/camera?
    • a mystery accessory 2, sensor/tracker?


    8 Material themes are supplied via prefabs.
    Additional themes can be created easily by tweaking various parameters in real time and at runtime and by assigning materials to areas of the asset.

    Material Weathering is achieved using low-res tileable grunge maps, masked by medium resolution AO and Curvature bakes.

    Surface Shader
    • PBR, material color, roughness and metalness
    • built in ASE
    • grunge (roughness variations)
    • edge wear on decals and geometry and vertex color based
    • dirt on decals, geometry and vertex color based
    • custom inspector

    Decal Shader
    • PBR, decal subset color, roughness and metalness
    • decal AO
    • simple, curvature map based wear
    • optional PBR slots for finer control using textured decals
    • custom inspector

    demonstrated using a shader ball

    The M3 me-SMG is ~65cm in length.

    Polygon- and Object Count
    • SMG: 12499 tris, 18 objects
    • SMG with rails: 18110 tris, 23 objects
    • Scope: 3617 tris, 5 objects
    • Flashlight: 2486 tris, 4 objects
    • Reflex Sight: 1520 tris, 2 objects
    • Foregrip: 1730 tris, 4 objects
    • mystery accessory 1: 1628 tris, 2 objects
    • mystery accessory 2: 1500 tris, 4 objects

    Note, the polygon count includes the decal meshes, while the object count does not

    • SMG: 2 x 1024px + 1x 512 decal atlas textures, 1 x 1024px surface mask
    • Accessories: 2 x 1024px + 1x 512 decal atlas textures, 1 x 512 surface mask
    • 4 x 256px tileable grunge maps (reusable)
    • 9 x 128px tileable detail maps (reusable)
    • PNG format

    All images have been rendered in Unity3D using:
    • Post-processing Stack v1
    • Amplify Bloom

    Objects with Surface Shaders + Decal Meshes with Decal Shaders

    Objects with Surface Shaders (without Decals)

    Objects (without Surface Shaders and without Decals)

    The MACHIN3 listens.
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2018
  2. MACHIN3


    May 25, 2016
  3. Danirey


    Apr 3, 2013
    Very cool. Good Job!
  4. hopeful


    Nov 20, 2013
    Very nice! Going to be watching all your threads now. :)
  5. Mister-D


    Dec 6, 2011
    looks cool, good work
    animate them with fps hands to increase sales ;)
    SirTwistedStorm likes this.
  6. MACHIN3


    May 25, 2016
    I was considering this, but assumed people would have some kind of fps framework in place. I wasn't sure how animated hands provided by me would fit into this. I'll look into it, thanks for the suggestion.
  7. MACHIN3


    May 25, 2016
    This Asset was recently updated to version 1.1 here's the changelog.
    • ported Surface Shader to Amplify Shader Editor
    • the 3 previously separate surface shaders - plain, textured normal and textured full - are now a single M3_surface_textured shader
    • added custom inspector for M3_surface_textured shader
    • removed need for plain decal shader in favour of extended textured decal shader, which can now be used with empty color and metalness/smoothness maps
    • added custom inspectors for decal shaders
    • fixed info decal transparency blending issue on metallic materials
    • updated info decal shader to use opacity instead of transparency
    The key improvements are ASE support for the surface shader and custom inspectors for both - surface and decal shaders, making using the materials based on these shaders much simpler.
    Also, all surface materials now use the same shader, which has optional PBR texture slots.
    The previous "Material Customization via Decal and Surface Shaders" video is now outdated and was replaced with a new one:

    hopeful likes this.
  8. hertz-rat


    Nov 3, 2019
    I love your smg but I'm testing switching my project over to HDRP and I noticed your shaders don't seem to support it - it just goes pink.

    Is there a workaround?