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[RELEASED] Game Tasks: Quests System

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by VLDBLZ, Mar 4, 2021.



    Dec 29, 2017

    Game Tasks: Quests System

    Tool is now available in the Asset store
    Game Tasks is an universal quests system that suits both small games and large projects!

    Quests are an integral part of modern games. The tool is easy to use and will suit any game.

    This system allows you to create a variety of quests with several options. After each stage, different ones can follow, depending on different conditions, and the player's actions during tasks can change the world and make stages and quests available or not.

    With the simple system of events and conditions you can easily and quickly expand the system and associate quests with various elements of gameplay (characters, places, etc.)

    The asset is compatible with many versions of Unity!

    Asset allows to easily display information on the screen, reporting quest progress changes and showing information to the player.

    Plugin also includes documentation, samples and the editor to fastly edit the data without scripts and complicated configs!


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