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3D [Released] Food Pack I

Discussion in 'Art Assets In Progress' started by Baldinoboy, Feb 2, 2022.

  1. Baldinoboy


    Apr 14, 2012
    Food Pack I


    Asset Store Page

    Created a Photoscanned Food Pack. High quality cross-polarized photoscanned assets with the detail for Arch-Vis and optimizations with LODs for use in Games. It is just $12 for 37 assets.


    3x Gala Apples
    2x Granny Smith Apples
    1x Artisan Bread Loaf
    1x Cut Artisan Bread Loaf
    1x Artisan Bread Loaf Slice01
    2x Cut Avocado Halves, 1x With Pit
    3x Whole Avocados
    2x Everything Bagels
    1x Sesame Bagel
    3x Bananas
    2x Bell Peppers
    1x Boule Bread Loaf
    1x Cantaloupe
    1x Corn Ear
    1x Bamboo Cutting Board
    2x Eggplants
    2x French Bread Loaves
    2x Jalapeños
    1x Yellow Onion
    1x Papaya
    2x Tomatoes
    2x Tomato Halves

    Scan Detail


    Assets were scanned using the Cross Polarization method which removes specular lighting and gives a true Albedo. Then with accurate and referenced PBR maps added you get really nice lighting detail.

    Initial Texture sizes 8K being lowered to 4K for package size. Will have original 8K maps if needed.

    Also have scattering/translucency and 16Bit height maps for the food assets to get that extra detail.



    Initial LOD0 mesh quality is high with tri counts up to 8K. LODs though bring this down quick and smoothly with LOD3 and 4s being around 500 triangles.


    Included HDRP & URP packages for quick setup in both SRPs. Also an additional for HDRP that has scattering setup.
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  2. Baldinoboy


    Apr 14, 2012
    Never updated the thread but the Food Pack is on the store-