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[RELEASED] Easy Slime: Satisfying Slime & Decoration System

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by camisadostudios, Mar 20, 2023.

  1. camisadostudios


    Mar 19, 2023
    What am I?
    Easy Slime is a deformable full screen slime and decoration system that can be interacted with by mouse or touch (and multitouch) input.

    Combine slimes and decorations for endless possibilities.

    Great asset for creating mobile slime games or similar interactive slime/art/drawing games or apps, or alternatively as a learning resource on how to implement this kind of feature/mechanic.

    It includes many example Materials and a Shader Graph shader which makes it easy to create new slime Materials.

    - 16 example slime materials
    - Add any custom shaders or materials to the slime or use the included shader graph shader to quickly create new slime materials.
    - Slime SFX

    - Decorations leverage the power of Unity's Particle System to deliver performant rendering of many meshes utilising GPU instancing or dynamic batching where supported.
    - 6 included example decoration models
    - 10 example decoration materials
    - 9 example decoration setups

    Documentation & Examples
    - Extensive complete documentation included
    - Example scene showcasing all included materials and decoration setups
    - Easy to use, quick setup, lightning fast workflow

    - Built-in, URP and HDRP Render pipelines. For URP, as the slime is rendered in 3D it's recommended to use the 3D Universal Renderer Data asset, rather than the 2D Renderer.
    - Included decoration Materials use the built-in Particles/Standard Surface shader which requires upgrading to the relevant particle shader in URP/HDRP. Easy one click conversion.
    - All platforms supported except WebGL (Unity's Burst is not supported on WebGL)

    Great Performance
    - Optimized multithreaded deformation code that leverages Unity's Job System and Burst to deliver incredible performance.

    Source code
    - All source code is included.