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[RELEASED] DisplayFab: Codeless UI Data Display Extension for Unity

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by displayfab, Apr 21, 2016.

  1. displayfab


    Apr 20, 2016

    The DisplayFab UI Extension is now available on the Asset Store.

    What is DisplayFab?
    • Lets you display, populate and/or manipulate data on User Interfaces with a couple of clicks
    • No programming required.
    • Populate your UIs with Data and Information within a couple of minutes.
    Core Features
    • Display Data on UIs with a couple of clicks - all using Inspectors.
      • No separate Editor Window required.
    • Speed up your UI workflow by eliminating the need to create scripts in order to display/populate data on the UIs.
      • You can speed up your workflow up to 400%
    • Setting up your UI to display data with DisplayFab is as simple as four steps: Pick your display Targets, pick your target sources, link the targets to your sources, and execute the links.
      • Or you can reverse the process and get input from your UIs and process it to store/save info.

    • You can convert, style and format data with just a couple of clicks.
      • With the built-in Auto-Converter feature, DisplayFab automatically handles the conversion of data types for most common and recognizable types. For instance, if your data source property is a float and you wish to display this on to a Text UI Component, you don't need to explicitly define a converter for this.
      • You can do lots of stuff with Converters. For example:
        • Format data with prefixes, suffixes, convert values to percentages, add a $ sign to represent currency etc
        • Round float or int to a specified number of decimal places
      • Use all available functions and methods as converters (including Unity.Mathf functions) to manipulate information.
      • Do more by adding your own converters, for instance, to process and convert a simple Sprite to a Sprite with a border, based on certain parameters.

    • Display Data from an Array and instantiate into an array of UI items. For instance, display a class or a struct of properties/fields/methods, all within a couple of clicks.

    • ExposedVariables : Manipulate, increase, decrease or otherwise do anything with those 'exposed variables' from your UIs (or any other script).
    • Quickly create scrolling menus, drop-downs and other types of interfaces filled with data, in just a couple of clicks.

    • DisplayFab comes with 'Event Executor' components that allows you to execute the DisplayFab's link-ups from a drop-down editor interface.
    • You can execute by link-up UID, link-up Group UID, link-up Group Name, or just execute all.
    • With the 'Direct Source' mode, you can also directly set value to a specified target property or a method, from one of DisplayFab's source entries OR
      • You can set/update a property or a method by getting the data source from the component's event value itself - much like the Unity's Dynamic Properties, but with the added power of DisplayFab's Converters. (see below).
    • In-line Converter: Using DisplayFab's executors, you can use a 'Converter' and pass it to a dynamic property (or a method).

    • How does it differ from using Unity's 'Dynamic Property'? With the Unity's Dynamic Properties, you can only set values to properties with same types. With the DisplayFab's Event Executors (in Direct Source mode), it uses an in-line converter that automatically converts values between known types. In addition to setting values to properties, we have added a 'Dynamic Method' feature. This allows you to pass the values to methods as well.
    DisplayFab Other Features
    • Get/Set Data from a GameObject at runtime by Tag or Name.
    • Set/Set Data from PlayerPrefs, Static Classes and Singletons (eg. GameManagers)

    • Supports Classes, Structs, Inherited Classes, Generic Classes, Fields, Properties & Methods (Collectively called as 'FPM' in DisplayFab), Indexers, Enums and more.

    Converter Feature List:

    • All Static Extension Methods are available (including System.Convert)
    • All Static methods are available to use (including UnityEngine.Random, UnityEngine.Mathf)
    • You can exclude certain static classes by adding a 'DSFHide' attribute to your classes/methods that you want to exclude in DisplayFab Editor.
    • 2 Built-in converter classes included: DSFStringExtensions and DSFNumericExtensions that come with several converters such as ToStringWithPrefix, ToStringWithSuffix, ToDollarString etc

    Extending the DisplayFab System:

    • Add your own converters
    • Easily write extension modules that extend the functionality of DisplayFab System.

    What's included in the Package?
    • DisplayFab Runtime & Editor DLLs
    • 3 full tutorial examples with starter scene and completed scene
    • 2 How-to-examples demonstrating the ExposedVariableExecutor & Inline Converter feature
    • More examples will be added periodically.
    Technical Support
    • You may contact us directly should you have tech issues with the DisplayFab product. Please contact us with your Invoice ID, to
    • Do you wish to see a demo or a walk-through on how to use DisplayFab for something you have in mind? Let us know and we'll be happy to help you out.


    Asset Store Link (v 1.0.8)
    DisplayFab User Guide
    YouTube Tutorials
    DisplayFab Website (Tutorials, Updates and Documentation)

    Update May 04, 2016: DisplayFab 1.0.9 (with some bug fixes & new features) has been submitted to Asset Store and pending review. Contact us via email if you wish to get the package before it is live on Asset Store.
    Last edited: May 4, 2016
  2. shaybbe


    Apr 22, 2016
    That seems to be amazing! Is there an evaluation version available to try it out?
  3. displayfab


    Apr 20, 2016
    We don't have an evaluation version at the moment but we plan to release an evaluation version in the coming days.
  4. kunmateo1993


    Feb 4, 2015

    I wrote you two mails with some questions and a request for some trial version ( I would like to know if it can actually do what I wish). Please find the time and answer.
    It is strange but there is no real names associated with "displayfab" so I couldn't find any other way to contact you.
  5. Roni92pl


    Jun 2, 2015
    How about dropdowns?