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[Released] Cutscenes

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by InverseClockWork, Feb 25, 2021.

  1. InverseClockWork


    Feb 24, 2013
    Asset Store

    Cutscenes is an easily extendable cutscene sequencing tool that is not time based but rather on action completion instead (for example, navigation to target or dialog box closure - or both at the same time).

    The actions can take varying amounts of slots, so e.g. a dialog box can stay open after the navigation action finishes and is replaced by an idle animation action.

    These actions can be placed on a "timeline" in a grid and dragged around for timing. When they're placed on the same "frame" they're active at the same time.

    This provids an amazing amount of flexibility to design cutscenes however you wish.

    The system is easily extended by custom actions for whatever use-case.

    It comes with following actions built-in:
    • Play an audio clip
    • Change a blend shape configuration
    • Set an active cinemachine camera
    • Control an animator
    • Control another cutscene (cutscenes can be nested)
    • Destroy a GameObject
    • Show a dialog box
    • Activate/deactivate a GameObject
    • Instantiate a prefab
    • Navigate to a point
    • Play an animation on Animator
    • Control Unity's built-in timelines
    • Wait for a duration of time
    The system also has a meta-data support for the cutscene "frames". For example, the dialog system takes the dialog text and prefab from the dialog meta data which in turn can be customized to read a text asset or specify the dialog contents within (based on the selected meta-data provider).

    This meta-data system can also be extended for other use cases, when the data shouldn't be coupled in the action itself but read from other source.

    Meta-data, being "frame" specific, can be dragged on the timeline to match the timing to specific actions, so the cutscene structure doesn't need to be known when writing the dialog (aside from the order of appearance).

    Renderer & Graphics API agnostic.

    Asset Store
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