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[Released] Curve Master - Motion Design Tools in Unity!

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by Yan-KMW, Jun 27, 2023.

  1. Yan-KMW


    Jan 3, 2017

    ▶️ News

    Curve Master v1.1.0 released, join our Discord server and share your motion curve library!

    | Documentation | Asset Store | Discord & Support |

    ▶️ Overview

    Curve Master is a powerful workflow tool for animation, with functions such as bulk curve editing and keyframe manipulation. Speed up your workflow with Curve Master, make complex animation in minutes!

    ▶️ Features

    • User-friendly GUI
    • Bulk edit animation easing curves quickly and easily.
    • Read and apply selected motion curves to other keyframes.
    • Apply curve for ease in, ease out, or both in&out tangent
    • Manipulate keyframes, such as time offset, alignment, and value reversal.
    • Support Animation, Animator and Timeline keyframes.
    • Works in both Dopesheet mode and Curves mode
    • Create and share your own animation curve library.
    • Full C# source code

    ▶️ Battle Tested

    As a motion designer with over 10 years of experience myself, the development of this tool is to make animating in Unity faster and bridge the gap between motion design software and Unity's animation tools. Curve Master has been battle tested in various commercial projects, including UI animations, in-game cutscenes and cinematic rendering.

    ▶️ Tested Unity Version

    Curve Master works with Unity 2018.4 or higher.
    Tested in: 2018.4 | 2019.4 | 2020.3 | 2021.3 | 2022.3 | 2023.2

    ▶️ Early Development Demo