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[RELEASED] Curve Architect - Animations, mesh and terrain deformation.

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by MikeDanielsson, May 29, 2024.

  1. MikeDanielsson


    Jul 6, 2018

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    Curve Architect is a general purpose deformation tool for Unity Game engine. It has 3 main features: Mesh deformation, terrain deformation and moving objects/deformations along Architect Curves.

    Mesh deformation:

    • Deform any mesh or mesh collider using an Architect Curve.
    • Easily start mesh deformation by parenting your GameObjects to an Architect Curve.
    • Apply deformation effects to specific control points.
    • Deform multiple mesh colliders on the same Game Object.
    • Switch deformation types between dynamic and static.
    • Enable or disable new calculations of normals and tangents for individual deformations.
    • Use seamless normals.
    • Mirror deformations by scale or using the 'mirror' function.
    • Any changes made to the original mesh will automatically update all deformations using that mesh.
    • Generate deformed meshes during startup to reduce your scene files' size.

    Terrain deformation:

    • Deform multiple terrains, including 4k terrains and terrains from several scenes opened at the same time.
    • The system tracks every change, making it easy to fine-tune and always letting you go back to the original state, even after restarting the editor.
    • Configure width, blend width, and easing for blend width among other deformation options.
    • Apply deformation effects at individual control points.


    • Curve Architect is multithreaded and uses Unity Burst for optimal performance!
    • No DLL files. All code exposed!
    • Simply build your game without the need to export meshes, ensuring seamless integration with no performance costs.
    • Animate Game Objects and deformations using the Unity Animation System.
    • Custom-made menus and selection system designed with user-friendliness in mind.
    • Cached positions and normals for better performance.
    • Helper classes that let you script your own behaviors.
    • Easily create new Architect Curves and control points with the 'create mode'.
    • Add Game Objects that can follow the curve when altering its form.
    • Change color on curves for easier organization.
    • Toggle loops on or off.
    • Flatten individual control points or all control points at once.
    • View memory usage, length, and other information about each Architect Curve.

    If I don't answer your questions in this thread. Please contact me at or at the Curve Architect forum.