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[Released] Color Script - FREE asset

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by escape_artist, Apr 28, 2020.

  1. escape_artist


    Oct 2, 2018
    Bring a splash of color to your scripts with Color Script, available now on the Unity Asset Store

    Have you ever wished scripts looked the same way in Unity as they do in your favourite code editor?
    Ever just wanted to quickly select and copy some of the text from the Inspector and been disappointed when you can't?
    How about clickable hyperlinks in your code comments?
    Have you ever dreamed of color swatches directly in your code?
    Color Script gives you all this and much more!

    Store Image1.png

    • Automatically replaces Unity's default script Inspector.
    • Smart Syntax Highlighting makes your scripts much easier to understand by color coding keywords, types, comments etc.
    • Unity's Color types are rendered as color swatches.
    • Clickable hyperlinks in comments.
    • Text can be selected and copied, ready for pasting elsewhere.
    • Highlights inconsistent windows/mac line endings, and lets you fix them with the click of a button.
    • Shows compile errors and runtime exceptions in the code. Lets you open the IDE right at the location of the error.
    • Draws scripts in a fully scrollable view with no word-wrapping.

    Color Script isn't trying to reinvent the wheel by replacing your IDE! Instead it makes it easier and clearer to view your code from within the Unity Editor before deciding to open it up in (eg) Visual Studio.

    Color Script is also available as a Pro version, with even more features! Once you have it, you'll never want to be without it!
  2. Michi_Ki


    Feb 24, 2019
    Thank you very much for this awesome plugin!!

    Unfortunately, there seems to be a corner case when your formatting logic isn't work properly.
    When the <EOF> Character isn't on its own line, the last color tag doesn't get closed.


    not working:

    Maybe you can fix that in a future release.

    Nonetheless, I was finally able to get rid of all the "inconsistent line ending" warnings on Mac OSX and can therefore sleep in peace again. :)
    escape_artist likes this.
  3. escape_artist


    Oct 2, 2018
    Ah I see, thanks for the feedback! I'll get that fixed as soon as I have a spare moment.
    Glad it helped you out with the line-endings
  4. escape_artist


    Oct 2, 2018
    The latest version of Color Script (1.02) has now gone live on the asset store. It includes a fix for the above issue.