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[RELEASED] Colliders Editor Tools

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by MichaelHardrick, Jul 20, 2023.

  1. MichaelHardrick


    Oct 13, 2012
    Select and edit primitive 3D colliders as if they were game objects but better!
    Colliders Editor Tools now available at the Asset Store :)

    Do you need it?

    If you happened to edit primitive colliders at least once, this tool will certainly come in handy for you. I created a basic version of the product some time ago for myself tired of setting and moving colliders with the tools available in Unity. With the package, you will not only set colliders much faster, but also more precisely and it is not tiresome like with the built-in tools.

    The fastest way:

    Primitive colliders are fastest yet versatile way to setup the most optimised collisions.
    Here you have a set of tools that greatly extend the basic functionality of Unity Editor and allow you to manage primitive colliders as if they were game objects, thus opening the way to quickly and easily build optimised game levels and assets directly in the Unity Editor using a concept called 'compound colliders'.

    The Workflow and the Features:

    The workflow is simple: select one or more colliders (Box, Sphere, Capsule) and perform the following operations on them, just as you would normally do on Game Objects, but with both Precision Mode and Boundaries Snapping much faster and more fluently:
    • Move
    • Rotate (90 degrees)
    • Scale
    • Editor&Snap Bounds
    • Copy/Paste values between two or multiple colliders (1->many or many->many)
    • Delete
    • Duplicate
    • Frame scene view camera
    • Drag&Drop materials directly to colliders

    Technical Details:
    Works with Unity Editor 2020.3LTS and up.
    For Unity 2020LTS, 2021.1 and you have to use legacy toolbar activated through "Edit/Preferences/Colliders Editor Tools" tab.

    Get it from the Asset Store :)