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[RELEASED] Bridge Master - Rope Bridge Builder

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by Yany, Mar 13, 2023.

  1. Yany


    May 24, 2013

    Bridge Master - Rope Bridge Builder

    With Bridge Master, you can put your visual assets (prefabs) together in a bridge construction with just a few clicks. And the result will be full of life due to the underlying physics set up by this asset.

    Examples are included to illustrate different use cases, but this package is not about providing ready-to-use bridge models. Before purchasing, please take a quick look at this tutorial video or check the support page for more details.

    After purchase, please start by checking the provided in the package.

    Five simple steps to build a bridge structure:
    1. Prepare your models and prefabs: set up rope connection points.
    2. Create a bridge gameobject.
    3. Add your prepared plank and tower prefabs to the bridge.
    4. Configure basic bridge properties.
    5. Connect these elements with ropes.


    ➢ From small rope bridges to large-scale concrete architectures
    ➢ On-the-fly generation: changes applied immediately in edit mode
    ➢ No coding required
    ➢ Examples provided
    ➢ All properties have tooltips
    ➢ FPS character included for testing your bridge with actual gameplay
    ➢ Basic wind simulation
    ➢ Customized visuals, just as you like it: you provide the rope, tower, and plank graphics.


    ➢ Source code included
    ➢ No render pipeline dependency
    ➢ Sophisticated, organized inspector panel
    ➢ Scene view editing
    ➢ Tutorial video and step-by-step manual to get you started
    ➢ Advanced properties to fine-tune physical behavior
    ➢ Physics generated around the bridges with mobile-friendly, yet realistic results in mind
    ➢ Ropes are visualized using the Line Renderer component
    ➢ No custom physics needed, the result relies 100% on the standard Unity physics
    ➢ Unity LTS and tech stream support


    The asset's functionality does not depend on the render pipelines or the build targets. However, the package has demo scenes that need conversion for URP and HDRP projects. All steps are well described in the


    - Improvements in the ShowCase scene
    • Add: 3rd person view for the character.
    • Add: Info panel displaying the controls.
    • Add: Adjustable mouse sensitivity and Y-look inversion.
    • Add: Grass texture on the ground.
    • Add: Swinging arms and mohawk on the player character.
    • Add: ViaFerrata bridge got an invisible fence to aid walking through.
    • Add: Created and published a WebGL demo at
    v1.0.2 - Render pipelines
    • Mod: Moved the forest tower poles further from each other to avoid collision with the planks.
    • Add: (Medieval) Added a flag-waving shader graph for URP and HDRP.
    • Add: (Medieval) Added terrain materials for URP and HDRP.
    • Fix: Rope length calculation could run on uninitialized nodes.
    • Mod: Inverting the direction of the Crawler controls.
    • Mod: Extended the to help adjustments to work on HDRP and URP.
    v1.0.1 - Collision compatibility
    • Mod: Optimized some colliders to use primitives instead of mesh.
    • Mod: Updated readme to link to the narrated tutorial.
    • Mod: Package dependencies set use Unity v2021 LTS versions.
    • Fix: The initial position of the FallObject was wrong in the Medieval scene.
    • Fix: Unity 2021 LTS does not handle box collider sizes well for objects/scenes saved in Unity v2022.2.x, reverted back to version 2021 LTS
    v1.0.0 - First public release
    • Updates for complete 2021.3.17 (LTS) and v2022.x (tech) compatibility.
    • Updated
    • Added link to the tutorial video


    • If you have any questions, problems or suggestions don't hesitate to drop a message using this contact form.
    • There's an extensive FAQ section with a thorough, written step-by-step tutorial on the website. You might find the answer to your question there already.
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2023