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[RELEASED] Boing Kit - Tools for Bouncy VFX

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by Allen-Chou, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. Allen-Chou


    May 20, 2013
    Hi, all:

    Boing Kit, my asset for creating bouncy VFX has been released on the store!

    It can be used to create single-body & interactive multi-body bouncy effects. It utilizes the GPU to offload work from the CPU. It also makes use of Unity's job system (2018.1 or newer) for parallel computing.

    Asset store page:

    Here's some more info:
    Details -
    Manual -

    Here's some technical explanation I wrote on the mathematical tool behind the effects, numeric springing:
    Part 1 -
    Part 2 -
    Part 3 -

    My plan for next update is to add support for bouncy hierarchical/chained objects (e.g. bones) utilizing the same framework.