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[RELEASED] Block Lighting Engine 2D - Ground penetrating lighting with Unity's Tilemaps

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by RobronicGames, Jan 14, 2019.

  1. RobronicGames


    Nov 15, 2018

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    What is it?

    Block Lighting Engine 2D provides everything you need for a propagating light framework that penetrates the ground. This engine includes a two-layer system to also simulate a lesser back-layer falloff, as you would expect in cave environments. It is fully 2D and works with Unity's Tilemap system.


    Core features
    - Ambient lighting and colored lights, all customizable in color and strength;
    - A highly optimized algorithm ensuring incredibly fast light updates that aren't bound to the number of active lights directly for every action. You can have hundreds of lights in view with only a fraction of the performance loss;
    - A complete lighting user interface with settings like:
    - - - - Core performance control, guaranteed high performance without frame drops on any system with the right setting;
    - - - - Light penetration adjustment for the front and back layer;
    - - - - Toggling all lighting effects on or off with the press of a button;
    - - - - Back layer shading for finetuning visuals.
    The user interface also provides tools right out of the box like:
    - - - - Placing blocks on any layer;
    - - - - Removing blocks on any layer;
    - - - - Placing lights throughout the world;
    - - - - Removing lights;
    - A terrain generator combined with a robust chunk loading system with a matching terrain user interface and basic tools to experiment with lighting on any world type;
    - A guide explaining the asset in its entirety, including how to set it up in your game, F.A.Q. and more as well as fully documented code for each script.

    - Unity 2017.2 or later for direct download and play functionality with Unity's Tilemap system is highly recommended. Earlier versions of Unity should work if hooked up to your own block data structures with reference tweaking.

    Future plans
    - A day/night cycle system;
    - [Finished] A thorough expansion of engine functions to make it easier to manipulate the engine;

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  2. RobronicGames


    Nov 15, 2018
    UPDATE: Version 1.1 is now live with many improvements and additions to functionality. I have updated the original post with new information as well as a brand new update video that covers it all and pictures. Hope you enjoy it!