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VFX [RELEASED] App UI Icon animation Pack: Volume 1

Discussion in 'Art Assets In Progress' started by xxVisualXxx, Apr 11, 2024.

  1. xxVisualXxx


    Jul 1, 2023

    Enhance your designs with our extensive collection of high quality and unique animated icons. Enhance interface appeal and optimize performance with ease.

    • ⚡Enhance your interface design with versatile animated icons
    Enhance the visual appeal of your games and apps with our extensive set of animated icons, carefully designed to integrate seamlessly into any project. With 96 different icons in our collection, ranging from the essentials like downloads and bookmarks to nuances like likes and purchases, we provide unrivaled versatility.
    • ⚡High quality and unique design
    Each icon is meticulously crafted with quality and originality, ensuring that your interface stands out from the crowd. Our animations are rendered with precision, ensuring smooth operation without sacrificing visual fidelity.
    • ⚡Easy customization
    You can easily customize your icons to match the aesthetics of your project. With the ability to repaint the icons in any color with simple sprite adjustments, customization has never been easier. The included script allows you to batch change the color, simplifying the process and saving your precious time.
    • ⚡Optimized for performance
    Experience smooth integration without sacrificing performance. Our animations are created without using sequences, ensuring optimal performance even in resource-intensive environments. Created for UI in Canvas using sprites and animation clips, our icons provide stunning visuals without the use of cumbersome particle systems.
    • ⚡Easy integration
    Integrate our icons into your Unity projects effortlessly. Using only standard Unity tools, our icons are designed to work right out of the box, eliminating the need for specialized knowledge or scripting.
    Transform your interface with our high-quality and versatile animated icons today. Take your project to new heights with ease and style.

    ⚠️What is included in the kit:
    • 1. Demo scene
    • 2. 96 prefabs with animations
    • 3. 63 textures
    • ⚡Script to change color in all icons. it is an addition to the set and is not a necessary part for it to work correctly