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[Released] 2D Pixel Top-Down Dungeon Tileset

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by MatthiasStuetzer, Jan 30, 2017.

  1. MatthiasStuetzer


    Oct 5, 2016

    2D Pixel Top-Down Dungeon Tileset

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    Roam the dungeons and create your own adventures with 450+ dark and mysterious pixel art tiles, animations and object prefabs!

    The 2D Pixel Top-Down Dungeon Tileset consists of hundreds of tiles, small and large decorational objects, animated objects and more. Become the dungeon master for your own underground world, dusty dungeon or sacred temple.

    All tiles are 16x16 and all effects and animated objects are multiples of 16.

    Need additional art for your game?

    I want to help you make the best game possible. If there are any props, variations or whatever you need to make the game you want, please share your suggestions with me. If I can implement it I will send you a preview copy and add it to the next update.

    Your feedback is much appreciated!


    The asset includes:

    * Huge variety of wall and ground tiles in 5 different styles and moods: Red, grey, green, blue and purple.
    * Door and stairs: Transition by going up, down or forward. Two types of doors block your path.
    * 4 kinds of chasms: Slime, water, lava or the endless dark.
    * Decorational elements:
    - 5 types of carpets.
    - 4 types of mix-and-match bookshelves.
    - Dozens of decorative elements, such as flags, chains, bones, magic books, candles, braziers, statues, barrels, treasure chests and more.
    * Animated objects include:
    - Spear trap
    - Spike trap
    - Smouldering braziers
    - Roaring torches
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