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[release]Object Detection For Unity--The most powerful target detection model for Unity!

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by maokeuncle, Sep 8, 2023.

  1. maokeuncle


    Dec 19, 2018

    Introducing the Future of Real-time Object Detection in Unity!

    In the past, object detection seemed to belong exclusively to the realm of Python. But now, we're leading a revolution. In Unity, we've brought you unprecedented convenience, accuracy, and speed with real-time object detection.
    Yes,as you can see,we also used the most powerful YoloV8 model!

    Innovation and Infinite Possibilities

    Unity is no longer just a game engine; it's also a groundbreaking tech tool. Our object detection feature can be used not only in games for intelligent characters and road safety but also in virtual reality, augmented reality, education, healthcare, and industrial applications. Unbound by platforms, you can seamlessly integrate this technology into your projects, taking innovation to new heights.

    High-speed Response, High Precision Guaranteed
    We take pride in real-time performance and accuracy. Your applications need to respond quickly, and our object detection system ensures instant recognition of objects during interactions while maintaining exceptional accuracy. Whether in fast-paced games or complex AR applications, our system shines.
    No More Python, No Deployment Hassles
    Unlike before, you no longer need to delve into Python programming or deal with cumbersome deployment processes. In Unity, you can easily access this feature without requiring additional environments or configurations. Save time and focus on creation.
    Broaden Your Horizons
    Unity's cross-platform compatibility opens new doors for you. Whether it's on PC, mobile devices, VR headsets, or other platforms, your object detection application can run seamlessly, providing a unique experience to a wider audience.
    Implementing object detection in Unity isn't just a technological feat; it's a whole new innovative experience. Don't confine yourself to Python anymore. Let's explore the future together and create astonishing applications with high speed and precision!

    The features we can currently implement are:
    • Multiple data source inputs: Texture, Video, Webcam, etc.
    • Multi-scale output: you can output any size resolution in unity, not just the default 640*640.
    • realize more free filtering, including the number of detections.Real-time NMS: you can adjust the NMS parameter thresholds in real-time in Update to

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