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[Release][Free] Boner2D - 2D Skeleton Animation Tools

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by playemgames, Dec 23, 2018.

  1. playemgames


    Apr 30, 2009
    Boner 2D

    Boner 2D is the successor to the popular open source Unity Sprites and Bones addon. This is an addon for Unity 3D to create 2D skeletal sprite animations. With the addon its possible to add bone hierarchies directly in the Unity Editor. Sprites can the parented to the bones. The bones can be animated like any other GameObject in the animator window. Inverse Kinematics is also available and animatable. The bones can also be used to animate any GameObject other than sprites like meshes or particle systems.

    ## Features

    * Skeletons and Bones.
    * Mesh deformation
    * Inverse Kinematics with targets.
    * IK Helper objects.
    * IK Angle Constraints.
    * Bones and IK are fully animatable.
    * Bones can be added by holding Ctrl and left clicking.
    * Bone splitting (Subdivision).
    * Flip Skeletons and Bones on X or Y Axis at the push of a button.
    * Mesh creation for Skinnable Meshes using custom mesh creation tools. Meshes are saved as assets.
    * Free Form Deformation using control points.
    * Shaders that support shadows and z-sorting (can be customized per Skeleton).
    * Scaling of root object of Skeleton.
    * Saving and loading of poses. Poses are saved as assets.
    * Helper tools to sort render layers, copy positions and rotations between objects, and create materials for renderers.
    * 2D Ragdoll creation.
    * Fully integrated in the Unity Editor.
    * Undo-Support
    * Free and Opensource

    Example of it in use:

    Original Forum thread:

    ## Tutorial read the Boner2D Documentation.pdf for an explanation of how to set up and use this tool.

    Demo of how to use Boner2D:

    ## Installation

    Just copy the Boner2D folder from this repository to your project or use the latest unity package from the Releases page.

    Boner 2D 1.0.1 minor bug fix release. The package is for Unity 2018.1.9f and above.

    Changes from Unity Sprites and Bones:

    To use your old Unity Sprites and Bones projects, copy over the old scripts with the new ones.

    ControlPoint, the original FFD system used transforms, is now depreciated. This will be removed along with all references to it in the next major release. It is only there to update your project to the latest Control Points system. To update the old transform Control Points, go to each Skeleton component that uses them and click on the Replace Control Points button. To modify animation clips using the transform Control Points, select the animation clips you need to change and go to Window/Boner2D/Replace Control Points. This should change all the curves from the transforms to the current Control Points system.

    SkinnedMeshRenderers and MeshRender sorting orders can be animated in the Animation Window by changing the sorting order field in their respective components while in Record Mode.

    Please create pull requests for any fixes you provide, or post problems in the issues page
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2019
  2. awesomedata


    Oct 8, 2014
    Nice job man! -- Free Form Deformation (FFD!) -- Exactly what I've been waiting for!

    Might be years before Unity gets to this with its Anima2D package (if ever!) -- so thanks for including it!

    An updated video showing what has changed since Sprites and Bones would be nice (it's pretty hard to see the screen in that old video). Might be good to also demonstrate any notable differences between this new version and the older one. Other than that, this looks rad! >:D
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2019
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  3. playemgames


    Apr 30, 2009
    Thanks! FFD has been in Unity Sprites and Bones, but I vastly improved it in this version and it should work as expected now. There are some more tools I put in for converting to the new system for FFD, so you can use your old Unity Sprites and Bones projects if you make sure you copy over the old scripts with the new ones. The original control point system used transforms, so I marked that as depreciated, in the next release I will remove them completely since they really aren't used any more.

    One other major addition I did was the ability to animate SkinnedMeshRenderers and MeshRender sorting orders, this will ease things to animate with FFD related meshes or mixing other 3D meshes with them.

    I wish I had more time to make videos and the like, I am so busy these days I barely had time to release this, but I do use it all the time in my projects so I know how it works. Hopefully people will regain interest in it if Unity's tools just aren't enough or they want a free alternative for 2D animation with FFD, bones, IK, etc like many of the other 2D animation tools provide.

    I also recommend using one of the PSD importers with it which are many now, which ease the workflow of bringing in characters from Photoshop or other graphics tools to animate. Something that other tools don't really provide easily out of the box, but is a nice to have to make things more streamlined. I don't know how much more I will add, more or less will keep bugfixing and making sure it is up to date with Unity. I know a lot of the prefab stuff will need to be updated for 2018.3 and up, so plan on making that a priority next. Let me know if there are questions, I may be a little slow to respond, but will do my best to keep up with things here and on github!
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