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[RELEASE]Basic Generator System Professional

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by RanZy, Feb 27, 2019.

  1. RanZy


    Dec 28, 2014

    Hello Unity Users!

    This is a basic generator system which help you to creat an electric system with switches and consumers. The generators are on fuel. You need to refill fuel of the generator when the it's tank is to empty. You can backend link in inspector direct consumers to generators or use consumers into switches.You can modify the sound of engine, or set generator's sound pitch when it's consumers take from it's power. If the generator health is < maxHealthGenerator it's isBreak variable si auto set on true. Now you can repair the generator. While you repair generator, you have implemented check skill system from Dead by Daylight, the game, and with this you can earn experience.

    Buy on the Asset Store:

    Current version 1.1



    Main features:
    Version 1.0

    — You can modify interaction hotkeys(Default repair without toolkit with hotkey F and with toolkit with hotkey G).
    — You can interact with any generators with their trigger.
    — You can repair break generator and you have a bool variable to set on or off the skill check (You need to press a preseted hotkey at the moment).
    — You can upgrade your skill with level.
    — The skill has effect about your gameplay.
    — You have experience-level system and when you grow up in level you will earn an "available point skill" to upgrade your skill.
    — You have a tool with a setted duration and this give you speed up to repair generator and it will dissapear when it's duration will be finished.
    — The generator has consumables and switches to turn the consuambles on or off.
    — You have a basic interface. You can modify it or move anywhere on the game's diplay zone

    Version 1.1
    — Each generator if you are in its trigger, the UI interface will be for it.
    — Added canister with fuel and you can pick it up.
    — You can check if the canister si empty or with fuel and you can see de level of fuel.
    — Commented more lines.
    — Bug "available skill point" update text was solved.
    — While you repairing an generator, if you move, the reparation will be aborted.

    I will update this system and topic. I wait your comments (and some ideas if you want to help me to improve). Best Regards!

    Feb 21, 2019 - Pending Review
    Feb 21, 2019
    - Published
  2. RanZy


    Dec 28, 2014