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Question Reflect and Unity 2021.3

Discussion in 'Unity Reflect' started by mariannebd, Feb 10, 2023.

  1. mariannebd


    Aug 31, 2022

    Did anyone tried and eventually succeed in using Reflect in Unity 2021.3 Editor?

    What I did for now is to clone the project on GitHub, modified it in Unity 2020 (only extracted one project to see if it works) and then open it via Unity Hub while changing the Editor to the 2021.3 version of Unity.

    Some Renderer Features were missing, I fixed that.

    For now there is one more error that I cannot get rid of:

    Library\PackageCache\com.unity.mars@1.3.0\Runtime\Scripts\EditorComponents\SimulationRenderSettings.cs(86,34): error CS0266: Cannot implicitly convert type 'UnityEngine.Texture' to 'UnityEngine.Cubemap'. An explicit conversion exists (are you missing a cast?)

    I cannot find how to fix this... could someone help me with that?