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Feedback Refactor for 2.0

Discussion in 'XR Interaction Toolkit and Input' started by freso, Apr 16, 2021.

  1. freso


    Mar 19, 2013
    I know this is late feedback in the game, but, I am a bit dissapointed in the early coupling to XRController for Interactors and Interactables. If you have any refactoring plans for the future, here goes.

    If I were you, I would have designed the Interactor/Interactable interaction (no pun intended), decoupled from the XRController. That whole system has nothing to do with any VR controllers.

    I mean, a SocketInteractor could basically be a DirectInteractor with auto-select on.
    I would have loved to have had the Socket function "show hover mesh" on my DirectInteractor or RayInteractor.

    Example: Let me set up 5 RayInteractors (let's call them UFO:s), that hovers an area randomly, and if they hit a target (let's call it cow), the target will be grabbed.

    Example 2: Let me setup a HandRayInteractor that follows my hand, and when I press a button any valid target will be grabbed. (yes, an XRRayInteractor!)