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Reduced DAUs/New Users since August 17th 2018

Discussion in 'Unity Analytics' started by Pelican_7, Aug 23, 2018.

  1. Pelican_7


    Nov 25, 2014
    Hi all,

    On August 17th I saw a sudden drop in my DAUs and New Users. This has continued since the 17th with numbers being significantly lower than they have been for 2 years.

    What seems strange to me is that nothing has changed on my end - no new version was released near this date, nor have sales changed at all.

    So my question is, were there any changes on Unity Analytics' end around this date? I'm hoping there are as otherwise it's a mystery... :D

  2. ap-unity


    Unity Technologies

    Aug 3, 2016

    Can you send your project ID, either in a support ticket or private message.

    Based on the timeframe, it is very likely a change we made on our end that affected a small number of customers. If we have your project ID, we can confirm and fix the issue.