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RED. - Top Down Survival Shooting on iOS

Discussion in 'Works In Progress - Archive' started by jackshiels, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. jackshiels


    Feb 29, 2008

    Hey guys, Sam and I are keen to give a preview of our next game, Red! :)

    We are a couple of teenagers that have been working with Unity for quite a few years now. Recently we got into iOS development with Snakes and Ladders HD, an app that actually sold at a decent pace (surprisingly :rolleyes: ) and we are looking to make a bit more cash with Red.

    Red is a top down survival shooter that is going to be released on iOS within the next couple of months. Our aim is to create a marketable shooter with appealing characters that can easily be attributed to the game itself, hence the cartoony look :cool:

    The main objective of Red is to make a top down shooter that is different from the rest. In the highly saturated iOS market it really is a case of uniqueness being the most valuable asset (that and having rooms full of cash, hey Zinga? ;) ). We are doing this by implementing fun gameplay changing "challenges" in order to make the game constantly dynamic and, hopefully, interesting for the player. These will encompass killing enemies in certain orders for weapon upgrades and XP.

    The story is set in the city, where a bored businessman is forced to fend off waves of mutants when an invasion strikes using a variety of weapons and perks. Perks are unlockable and range from extra speed to a holographic decoy that satisfies your enemies for a few brief seconds. I'll be adding a list of gameplay elements later.

    Heres a screenie of the Beta - we aren't sure exactly how many maps are going to be in the final release, but this one is shaping up well!

    This is the main character, Ricke Steele. He probably isn't the most satisfied man in the world with such a boring job, but at least his day become be a bit brighter with the prospect of splattering some monsters... mmmm yum...

    Luckily Ricke keeps an arsenal of conveniently placed machine guns and grenades in his desk, so it shouldn't really prove a hassle.

    Here are a few of the enemies he'll be facing:

    This is Cubob. He is pretty tame in general, but once he mutates he becomes a blade spitting behemoth. Yikes :D

    And this is Tallguy. He is a bit tougher than Cubob and just a teensy bit weird looking.

    Anyhow, there is a lot of content I haven't posted up here, but please leave some comments on what you think! I'll be releasing a full animated trailer of the game soon, but in the meanwhile you can check out an interview about the game and our group, Knife Media here:

    (Skip to 4:10).

    Feel free to follow us on Twitter @knifemedia for updates :)

    Last edited: Apr 14, 2012