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Feature Request Recorder activating audio track in Sequences

Discussion in 'Timeline' started by akent99, Oct 25, 2022.

  1. akent99


    Jan 14, 2018
    It would be great if Recorder clips in a recorder track could also start/stop playing of an audio track. For example, I have background music and I want to time the animation with the audio for added effect (dancing being an example), or I have a recorded voice track from voice actors that I want to animate to. But I often need a bit of lead time in animation tracks to let physics settle (hair bouncing etc) so I cannot adjust the length of Timelines in Sequences to exactly to line up with the music. Thus I want the audio track to play when a recorder clip is recording a video clip, then stop.

    The audio file spans multiple shots, so I want to do this at a parent sequence level, not the leaf shot sequences. I may layer multiple audio clips and tracks (e.g. mix in some sound effects etc) - but its okay if I have to do this in an external audio program and generate a single audio clip file. Unity would then work out the right audio track offset per sequence. E.g. in shot 3, it needs to look at the previous sequences to find the recorder tracks to work out how far into the audio clip it already is.

    Alternatively, I would like APIs to sequences and timelines so I can do this myself as a custom track. This means need public API to find the parent timeline of the current timeline then be able to iterate through the children timelines (all the way up to the top of the sequences heirachy). I can then write code to find a recorder track in each timeline and spot the recorder clips, adding up the durations of these clips to know the right offset to start playing the master audio clip at. (Alternatively, I can add a custom "play audio" track with clips that I manually align with each recorder clip.)

    But the goal is to have the audio clips defined at the master sequence level, then as I edit and scrub around the timeline, I want to hear the audio track so I can get the timing of the animation correct, in sync with the audio (talking, music, sound effects, whatever). That would allow creation and pacing of a cutscene/movie to be worked out from audio first, then allow easier animating to that audio. (I may still use video editing software for the final compositing and fine tuning - so I can get the audio cross blends and volumes just right, but this would still be useful as a rough guide reducing the time final compositing will take.)

    Workaround: have one audio file, but manually chop up the audio into fragments per shot so each timeline has the audio clips clearly defined for that sequence. No special capability is needed then. This however reduces artistic freedom while animating - you cannot understand when you can make a shot longer and shorter easily to match the animation clips you have.