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recommended tutorials for trying to learn lighting/materials/shaders?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by HKSpadez, Mar 19, 2015.

  1. HKSpadez


    Apr 24, 2013
    Hey there,

    Programmer here trying to get into lighting/materials/shaders/skyboxes.

    Any suggested tutorials for unity 5?

    I found a lot of overviews and basic glances at the options but no A->Z tutorial on recreating certain scenes or what not.

    I'm use to how programming tutorials slowly teach u every detail to recreate something in particular. Are there any tutorials like this for the topics i listed?

    Dont mind if its a unity 4 tutorial if its still relevent. I'm a total beginner at this stuff and i was just under the impression that its pretty different in Unity 5 so I havent been looking into any Unity 4 tutorials

    Thanks all,
  2. theANMATOR2b


    Jul 12, 2014