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Feedback Rebinding Screens

Discussion in 'Input System' started by loopholist3, Apr 14, 2022.

  1. loopholist3


    Apr 14, 2022
    Potentially Personal Belief: I think the ideal state of all games should be able to rebind all possible controls for all possible controllers.

    Feedback: The current rebinding process makes it very hard to design an intuitive rebinding screen for the user. If there is a convenient way of doing this that I am missing, then you really need to add a tutorial for this in the guide.

    Experience: The most intuitive way to design the screen for the developer based off of the current system is to have a giant grid where 1 axis is what action is being performed, and the other is every possible controller. This looks very messy and I doubt most users know the difference between a Twin Joystick and a Gamepad. You could reduce this down to 1 button by having only 1 binding per action, and make that button accept all controller types, but then you don't have a default setting that most users can lean on. You could also reduce it down to 1 button by detecting what device the user is currently using, but then you are dependent on users not clicking the button with their mouse and then trying to click the binding they want with their controller (also detecting the most recent device really isn't as easy as it should be), because the binding index and cancellation button needs to be known in advance. Having only 1 button also makes it harder to communicate to the users all of the currently available controls, and for some reason offering keyboard and mouse users 2 binding slots per control seems to have become a standard. As a side note, mainly because I think it is a hardware limitation and not your fault, the inability to break down the right stick on the Twin Joystick into buttons has also created a minor headache when attempting to design a screen capable of handling composite bindings where some of the bindings needed have a control type of axis to function properly.

    PS: I am not expecting you to design the perfect screen that works for all games. But right now I don't feel like there is a particular design in mind for any game. Even if I wanted to make a flappy bird like game where there is only 1 control for the entire game, I would still have to face these issues.
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2022