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Official Read this before posting!

Discussion in 'Unity Collaborate' started by unity-tuesday, Jan 16, 2018.

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  1. unity-tuesday


    Unity Technologies

    Aug 2, 2016
    Thanks for using Unity Collaborate and visiting our forum. This is a place where you can engage with the community to express your questions, concerns, and advice about the Unity Collaborate service. Our dev and support teams also drop in from time to time to help out with issues!

    Should you open a ticket instead?

    If you're experiencing a technical issue that is halting your work, seeking a faster response from the support team about Collaborate or the Unity Teams offering, or needing to share something too private for the forum, please open a ticket!

    From your Services dashboard, click on your project, navigate to Collaborate on the left-hand side, and open the Support tab.

    Here's what to let us know:
    • Description of your issue
      • Let us know when the issue started, what you recently changed, and if you get different results by changing something else. If you can talk about steps you took to reproduce the problem, that is super helpful! Screenshots are encouraged.
    • Unity version
      • Let us know what version of Unity you're using! If you've encountered the issue in other versions, let us know here, too.
    • Is there an error message?
      • If you're seeing any error messages in the Editor, please put them in this section. If you're seeing error messages in your Editor log as well, please see below. (For more information on finding your Editor log, go here:
    • Did you submit a bug?
      • In many situations, where bugs and issues will generate errors in your Editor logs, we need those files to investigate. The easiest way to give us the most information, especially on a problem that is reproducible, is to start the editor with the argument "-enableCollabEventLogs", generate the exception, send us a bug report in Help > Report a Bug in the menu. Let us know the case number you received if you send this.
    Before writing in or posting:
    • Check the current sticky posts; there may be an ongoing issue that is already being discussed.
    • Search for your issue within the forum; other users may have created a thread on something similar, and there could already be a solution.
    • Check the Knowledge Base for some answers to some FAQs:
    • Take a look and see if your question is in the Unity User Manual!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.