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Question Re-binding missing bindings on a playable director prefab at runtime?

Discussion in 'Timeline' started by DarkStoneDigital, Jun 9, 2021.

  1. DarkStoneDigital


    Sep 9, 2018
    I have a system where I Instantiate a prefab with a timeline in it. This timeline uses mostly objects within its own prefab but uses a signal receiver in the scene along with a couple other elements.

    How would I go about identifying the missing binds and re-binding them before playing the director? I found some very old posts from 2017 about rebinding but that method doesn't seem to work anymore and I'm looking to do the reverse where I check for missing bindings and replace them.
  2. DarkStoneDigital


    Sep 9, 2018
    After some digging with a variant of things posted on the old thread I found; I managed to get a (mildly hacky) work around to re-bind missing objects in a timeline prefab.

    I have a local class in my scene that contains an array of generic Objects and another array of the desired track names that I know will be missing bindings. It also has a unique "bind pack ID" which I use in editor to specify which director assets I am going to need. I will clean this up and make its own class for my own usage but here is what works currently in replacing missing bindings if it aids anyone else as a starting point at least.

    Code (CSharp):
    3.     public string bindPackID;
    5.     public Object[] localAssets;
    6.     public string[] localTrackNames;
    8. void Start()
    9. {
    10.         //Get our Objects to replace missing bindings for a specific director
    11.         localAssets = AnimationEventHandler.Ins.GetBidnigns(bindPackID);
    13.         //Get the corresponding track names for missing bindings for the same director
    14.         localTrackNames = AnimationEventHandler.Ins.GetBindingTrackNames(bindPackID);
    16.         for (int i = 0; i < localAssets.Length; i++)
    17.         {
    18.             //Step through each track and see if their name matches our missing track names
    19.             foreach (var PlayableAssetOutput in director.playableAsset.outputs)
    20.             {
    21.                 if (PlayableAssetOutput.streamName == localTrackNames[i])
    22.                 {
    23.                     //replace missing bind with corresponding object
    24.                     director.SetGenericBinding(PlayableAssetOutput.sourceObject, localAssets[i]);
    25.                 }
    26.             }
    27.         }
    28. }
    I'm including a picture of the editor window even though Unity is being Unity with it's UI drawing issues. But you can see I have two arrays and the track names corresponds with the elements of the same array index. I grab this list using the director ID from a script that sits on the prefab playable director game object.

    Last edited: Jun 10, 2021
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